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Dell Inspiron 7567: Blinking screen on 10.15.7 installation


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Hello. I am experiencing a problem with my Catalina vanilla installation.

My Dell 7567's screen is constantly blinking. This started in the installer and persisted after successful installation. Apart from the mentioned, the system is working perfectly fine.

I am able to disable the backlight completely by pressing F11/brightness down button. I am barely able to see the on-screen text using a desk lamp afterwards.

I have tried installing AppleBacklightFixup.kext, Lilu.kext and WhateverGreen.kext and setting my SMBIOS to iMac18,1 but none of those proposed solutions have helped me so far.

To illustrate the problem, I have recorded a video (link) of my laptop booting into the installer and then shutting down. I have also included my CLOVER folder.


I would appreciate any help or advice.


Best regards, Luka


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Without even posting your computer specs, don't expect much in terms of answers. If we add signs of impatience/disrespect to that (thread already moderated)...


All I can say so far is that your Clover setup looks incorrect. For instance:

  • you've mixed FakeSMC AND VirtualSMC, something that must never be done.
  • Afaik, AppleBacklightFixup not required with WhateverGreen which you need (+ Lilu of course!).
  • in your Clover config, your iMac SMBIOS is not only incomplete, it's also inappropriate for a laptop.
  • you're missing some essential ACPI device renamings, especially for the iGPU. I see a patched (?) DSDT with iGPU device named GFX0 @00020000, yet an SSDT-PNLF table (and others) making references to IGPU device when such named device does not even exist.
  • it seems you grabbed various hot-patching SSDT tables from various places without ensuring they were fully applicable. Eg: SSDT-BRT6 used to enable brightness keys on some Dell laptops.
  • you must have used an old version of Clover to begin with (I see a disused drivers64UEFI folder). Make sure to have updated to a more recent version that's proven fully up to scratch for Catalina (eg: 511x, r5122), then get rid of defunct/obsolete stuff.

I would invite you to clean that up first and foremost.

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Thank you for answering. Sorry, I believed that stating my laptop model was enough. Here are the specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5-7300HQ @ 2.50 GHz

GPUs: Intel HD Graphics 630 - nVidia GeForce GTX 1050 (unusable)


I'll try to fix the errors you have pointed out and will reply.


Best regards, Luka

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So, a Kaby Lake laptop with (mobile) Intel HD 630 (0x591b) graphics. Homework definitely required here...


Your Clover config injects this for graphics... :no: :thumbsdown_anim:




I recommend you use Clover Configurator app for hints and suggestions... Here's one:


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I have done the following:

  • Removed FakeSMC.kext so there is only VirtualSMC.kext left;
  • Removed WhateverGreen.kext;
  • Used complete MacBookPro13,1 SMBIOS from Clover Configurator;
  • I am now using the ACPI/patched folder from here;
  • Changed model, device-id and ig-platform-id for Intel HD Graphics 630.

But now I unfortunately cannot boot the system from SSD as the boot process gets stuck on "BuildActDeviceEntry exit" (see picture).

I also had attached my CLOVER folder with changes.


Thanks for your help.

Regards, Luka



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