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Thinkpad e490 Opencore Catalina -- battery patching

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I've done a few hackintoshes before, but never DSDT patching before, so i'm still n00b with that.


My thinkpad e490 currently has UHD 620 GPU working, sound working.  No battery yet, and wifi is intel so not much hope there.


I have no problem getting my DSDT, and have tried patching with a bunch of other thinkpad and lenovo patches from Rehabman's repo: https://github.com/RehabMan/Laptop-DSDT-Patch/tree/master/battery


When I load ACPIBatterManager, it shows 0% battery left, and wont charge.  I read somewhere that if you are using VirtualSMC, that you should use SMCBatteryManager instead, so I tried that as well, but that just doesn't load at all.  


I am sure that I need a new custom patch for my system, but haven't been able to find enough time to wrap my brain around the process in guide-how-to-patch-dsdt-for-working-batt


Does anybody have any advice on a set of DSDT patches for this laptop or similar ?


In case anybody is willing to help, i've attached my unmodified DSDT.aml here.




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