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(SOLVED) - HD Graphics 630 - 7MB VRAM and no acceleration

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Hello. I have recently installed a "Hackintosh Sierra Zone" 10.12.3 distro (yes, I know they are unstable and might contain malware) on my Dell Inspiron 7567. I am now experiencing trouble with the integrated GPU, Intel HD (not UHD!) Graphics 630: there is no acceleration, I can observe noticeable screen flickering and the displayed amount of VRAM is 7MB.


Here's what I've tried so far:


1. Enabling InjectIntel and disablegfxfirmware and setting Fake ID = 0x59120000.

2. Changing SMBIOS to iMac 18,1 (still displayed as a 21,5 in About This Mac).

3. The last thing I tried was installing Lilu and WhateverGreen as per this manual, which required me to disable the first workaround completely.


I have included my Clover's config.plist and the output of kextstat.


Thanks in advance!


Best regards, Luka


P. S. Is it possible to move this topic into 'Intel Graphics'?




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The problem described was solved.

There is no support for distros here. Proceed with a full vanilla installation and apply the documented and available settings for Kabylake platforms with HD 630 graphics.


You also need to bear in mind that Sierra 10.12.3 does not support Kabylake platforms/graphics so you're wasting your time at the moment. Support for Kabylake HD 630 was only introduced in Sierra 10.12.6 so you really shouldn't run anything lower than High Sierra to be honest.

Thank you for your answer. Firstly, I have changed IntelGFX to 0x59128086 and platform ID to 0x59120000. Then, I have updated my system to 10.12.6 and ended up with a black screen. Having deleted WhateverGreen.kext and Lilu.kext from /L/E in single-user mode and disabled InjectIntel, I was able to boot into the system with full acceleration and 1536 MB of VRAM, solving my problem.

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