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[SOLVED] Unable to pass language selection dialog from BS install USB

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Hi everyone. Big Sur beta 10 boots up and works fine on my system. But booting from the installation USB, even erasing NVRAM before choosing the installation program, I have the problem that, after language selection dialog, which apparently arrives well and quickly, the screen goes gray and does not reach the macOS Recovery message or the window with the installation options.
Can anyone guide me on the cause and solution of this problem? I have tried some modifications, without success.
I attach config.plist. IGPU is disabled in BIOS. Only RX 580 dGPU is active.
Thank you.


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I have been thinking about it for a while and thoroughly reviewing config.plist and I have remembered that Big Sur 8 installation program (first version I installed) was in English. The error that I comment on in my post has started to appear coinciding with the choice of Spanish on the language selection screen, as I do in Catalina, and then the gray screen arrived. As soon as I have chosen English as installation language, macOS Recovery screen appeared and immediately afterwards the installation options.

1 hour ago, mitch_de said:

Yep, this gray screen (with mouse cursor) happens if in nvram is set an non en language. Happend also to me, as i had de (german) - switch to en helped. After install you can switch so your language in the OS X seetings.


Thank you @mitch_de Same thing happened to me, I had put "es-ES: 87" in config.plist - nvram - prev-lang: kbd, leaving it blank has worked fine.  I have also observed that if I put "en-US: 0" it skips the language selection and goes directly to the installation options in English.

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