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Question about HWSensors and Opencore

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I would like to monitor my temps with HWSensors and have downloaded it from Github.

Upon going to install the installer says it will install the FakeSMC.kext. I am running opencore and use virtualSMC, will FakeSMC screw up my Mojave installation or will it not affect it.

Also, would the sensors even work with virtualSMC.



Don't use FakeSMC + VirtualSMC at the same time, you'll have problems. It's either/or, not both.


FakeSMC provides PlugIns for monitoring purposes + HWMonitor app. VirtualSMC too provides its own PlugIns for monitoring and HWMonitor app works with VirtualSMC albeit with a lot of limitations (no personal experience on the matter). It's been years since I last used it but I understand that iStat Menus app works to the full on the other hand. See here.

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I would love all of my 14 cores to show up under apps like iStats Menu ( latest version ). I only end up seeing 10 of my 14 cores. Activity Monitor shows all of my cores/threads correctly. While on the subject I wish my GPU temp would come up correctly as well. When I had used Fake it sorta worked, when I moved over to VirtualSMC all the GPU stuff basically went away.

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