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HDMI Audio Kexts

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Nothing specific, HDMI-audio is handled through the built-in/default AppleHDA kext. On my old C2D platform fitted with an nVidia Kepler graphics card, HDMI-audio just works OOB (in High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina) alongside line-out/speaker audio (I just use Lilu + AppleALC + appropriate layout-id for the codec). HDMI-audio also worked OOB in High Sierra with a non-natively supported Pascal card that required the Web Driver.


HDMI audio required manual output selection through the audio PrefPane or Finder's bar icon. Then audio volume is controlled on the audio device itself, not the Mac/Hack.


What's your operational context & hardware?

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Your particular situation may require the use of CodecCommander kext and specifically enabling the HDMI features that are by default disabled.


The attachments are for illustrative purposes only as you hardware may be different.


The principle for modification may be the same but the method for specific hardware can differ.  Below is some excerpted text that may assist you although it applies to intel hardware:


Open Package Contents in CodecCommander.kext and browse to info.plist.
Open info.plist with PlistEdit Pro. Under IOKitPersonalities –> CodecCommander -> Codec Profile, change 8086’s String from Disable to Publish HDMI. See pic)
8086 to Publish HDMI.png
Next (this is key) under “CodecCommanderPowerHook” ->Codec Profile -> change 8086’s String from Disabled HDMI to Publish HDMI. Then under Disabled HDMI -> Disable, change Disable Boolean to NO.
Next at “CodecCommanderVoodooHDA” -> Codec Profile ->8086, change 8086 String from Disable to Publish HDMI and Disable HDMI -> Disable Boolean from Yes to NO
Additionally, injected in config.plist is:

IntelGFX hda-gfx 6F6E626F6172642D3100
HDA hda-gfx 6F6E626F6172642D3100 (maybe not needed)

Note: framebuffer@1 port (on my setup) is patched from 01050900 00040000 87010000 -> 01050900 00080000 87010000.
But even though the framebuffer@1 is patched, it switches back to 04 when hdmi monitor is plugged in, (check IOREG).
Note also that DPCIManager will only show the Intel 8086:2809 hdmi device when your HDMI Device is plugged in. As it will only show up under About this Mac -> System Report -> Audio Devices, when the device is plugged in and working.


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