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Can't install Big Sur Beta 10 with OpenCore 0.6.3

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I successfully installed all Betas up to Big Sur Beta 9 running OpenCore 0.6.3.


Now with Big Sur Beta 10 I can't install. The Installer boots until a grey screen and then hangs.


Anybody with the same problem? Is there a solution?


Best regards,





Thanks for the hint. I applied your hint.


When Big Sur Beta 10 came out last week, it forced me to download a full installer and to install from scratch. This didn't work, I was not able to boot into the installer.


Today something changed. Suddenly I was allowed to just update Big  Sur Beta 9 through Softwareupdate. This worked. I am running (20A5395g) now.


Thank you for answering to my post, Crashed_Airplane

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