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AppleALC ALC289 on ice lake Dell 7390 2 in 1 i7-1065G7 with patch from @fewtarius works

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I had posted a couple of times in the main APPLEALC thread, but with the changes to the forum I can't post back in that forum.

I have been trying to add AppleALC audio for ALC289 in a Dell 7390 2 in 1, i7-1065G7. There are layouts 11 and 23 in AppleALC already for ALC289 but 23 didn't work at all and layout 11 looked like the microphone was only working but without any audio feedback.


I worked through the instructions:

create a codec.txt file

create visual coded map

create adjusted verbs block

add verbs block to info.plist inside PinConfigs.kext

modify layout.xml

modify platform.xml

build AppleALC using xcode


but no matter what I changed I couldn't get sound to work.


@fewtarius posted on the main forum about a patch he has been working on for another user with an Ice Lake laptop:




I have applied the patch and audio and microphone are working.


Thanks alot @fewtarius for looking at the main thread and adding in your patch details, you're a star!


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