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Migrating from Clover to OpenCore for newbies

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I have successfully moved over to OC. I have some observations  for  those that are contemplating the same.


The first thing you need to do is know your hardware. Using an excellent App like  Hackintool.


The next thing is to read the entire Dortania's OpenCore Install Guide pdf. The next thing to take note of is the section pertaining to Intel Desktop config.plist. This section is very important as it relates to your specific motherboard settings.


Create a bootable USB Stick.


Once that is out of the way you can use a few apps to help your transition to OC.


  1. Latest OpenCore version.
  2. Latest OC Gen X APP (Will create EFI & Config.plist) Copy to your USB Stick’s EFI folder.
  3. Text Editor (PlistEdit, OpenCore Configurator, Xcode)
  4. Hackintool (To create USBPorts.kext)
  5. Xcode (Used to recompile AppleALC as I use the SPIDIF (Optical Out) on my motherboard.
  6. Clover Configurator or another App to Mount the EFI Partition.


I have three different OS installed Windows,Catalina/BigSur,Linux and everything works great with OpenCore as the bootloader.


Note, I do not have or use a DSDT.aml as this I believe will cause issues with Windows and other OS.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of the developers for their excellent apps and support.


Good luck.


Note, I do not have or use a DSDT.aml as this I believe will cause issues with Windows and other OS.

I think you might be wrong.
As far as I arrived, there was no DSDT.aml. It can cause problems with blocking the BIOS. Can't enter Windows Which I have tried (In conclusion, if there is or is not a problem, anyway)

You will also need Dortania's OpenCore Install Guide for the Booter Quirks for different CPU Families for Desktop/Mobile. Especially if you use an older Clover Version without already working OcQuirks (< v5123). There's also a whole Clover Conversion Section in the Dortania Guide which is helpful as well.


Btw, there's a OpenCore Confiigurator out now as well, which should make the Clover to OC Conversion a bit easier. It can mount EFIs as well and has an integrated sanity checker and ScanPolicy Calculator. Not recommended for various reasons I won't get into now, but for starters it's ok.


A necessary Tool is ProperTree to refresh the plist using the snapshot feature to integrate all Files added to the EFI Folder because OpenCore doesn't add the files to the config.plist on it's on. In the world of OpenCore, only what's existing in the config is what will be executed. So for any new addition to drivers or kexts or .aml files in the EFI Folder you have to update the config either manually or by using the "OC Snapshot" feature in ProperTree.


Another very helpful and recommended tool is OcConfigCompare: it lets you compare the sample.plist of the latest opencore build with your user config to check for any differences since the last or any version. Because OC is a work in Progress, ne Features and Commands are added, moved, renamed or deleted from the feature set of OpenCore. And if your config does not reflect these correctly you get "No Schema found for…" errors.


In my experience the following Security options in the OC config.plist can often prevent a System from booting:


1. Misc > Security > Vault should be changed to from "Secure" to "Optional" (no quotes)

2. Misc > Security > SecureBootModel should be changed to from "Default" to "Disabled" (no quotes)



Thanks 5T33Z0  for your input, much appreciated.


The easier it is for everyone to convert to OpenCore the better in my view. 


Clover over the years has given us much but the switch to OC is a must. Having to play around with Clover’s front end and OC’s bootloader together will be difficult and messy in the future imho.

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