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how to create an image file from a macos usb installer?

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I have a flash drive that is a clover macos installer. I'd like to keep that drive around so I can do it again in the future, but I don't want to keep this flash drive just laying around not being used. I'd like to create an image of the contents so I can repurpose the drive, but be able to restore it back to it at a later point ( make it bootable again too ).

i tried Disk utility,its not work,cant boot up,seems lack efi partition.


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Since OC and Clover kexts may be updated frequently, if you have an installer that uses hfs+ you can back up the installer portion using partclone from linux where  x in /dev/sdxy is the lsblk -f  disk and y is the lsblk -f  partition.


sudo partclone.hfsp -c -s /dev/sdxy | pbzip2 -c9 > /your/backup/location/whatevernameyouwant.pcl.gz


Example: sudo partclone.hfsp -c -s /dev/sdb2 | pbzip2 -c9 > /media/backup_mac_injstaller.pcl.gz


Make sure you have pbzip and compression such as lz4 installed in linux.


Using partclone over dd backs up only used sectors.

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