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OpenCore 0.6.2 - Big Sur Public Beta - Legacy Boot No USB

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On my trusty old Optiplex 980 I have started the switch to OpenCore for Big Sur and I am encountering a USB problem. If I try to boot the installer from a USB stick it hangs as there is no USB found. If I boot the installer from a SSD then it gets to the installer screen but again I have no USB kb or mouse.


I have USBInjectAll in my OC/Kexts and in config.plist but it does not detect any USB. I have also tried Hackintool to make a correct USB map kext which I have replaced USBInjectAll with and changed in config.plist. Again no USB. Has anyone got tips to debugging further as my searching can't find an answer for Big Sur. I have previously used USBInjectAll without issue and in the latest 10.15.7 I have no problems.


Has USB significantly changed again in Big Sur or is this an issue with my OpenCore versus Clover. I have attached a screenshot of where the installer halts.


thanks for any help.

IMG_3804 2.HEIC

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