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Clover bootloader

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I'm new_ish to Clover__have created an installer with create media tool and put it through the Clover installer - It's not quite made it to the installer on the target motherboard


Is there a need to inject / input a DSDT or something?


Please will someone put me on the right track for the standalone version of Clover.


I selected options such as install for EUFI boot _ and in the ESP as well (EFI_system partition)___APFS was included too ! - Please help, thank you.

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I would:

Look in the intenet and especially github, if someone with the same hardware has made an efi folder for clover or OpenCore and just use that as a base and then tune it for your liking, use case.

Also have a look into opencore. Its the sucessor of clover and some developers for driver kext will not longer support Clover.

Hope that helps a bit



I would second the suggestion to have a look at OpenCore. Making the bootable flash by hand (I used the dortania guide) really helps in understanding of how things work.


Also from experience, most DSDT tweaks are not essential for the system to at least boot. (You might need a couple of core DSDT patches e.g. the EC one. Again, the dortania guides give a pretty good overview of what is needed for a particuar hardware.)


I'd say getting the bootloader options (roughly) correct is the key to make it boot. Of course, for making it work good (power, perpherials etc) you'll need more polishing, including DSDT patches.

Did you choose Customize when you installed Clover EFI on your USB?


Did you choose USB as your install destination?


Are you running Install in Verbose and if so where does it hang?


Did you remove all unnecessary USB connections?


Did you remove all drives except your destination drive?

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