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  1. system definitions

    Yes ok thanks, I'm learning about Clover on the Wiki - Also terminal etc... lots of learning. Github, I've been on there I think and may even have downloaded some items. I'll check back after some more reads, thanks
  2. system definitions

    Hi, What I mean by system definitions (please bear in mind I'm learning this) is a system definition for a Hackintosh such as iMac 14.2. I've heard of the FakeSMC and over on "the other site" there is a tool that installs these. On this site, where do users obtain these plugins? Info overload currently just a mention of where folks here obtain these "plugs"
  3. That's great, thanks for the link
  4. Hi, Is a boot loader needed to install OS X on Virtual Box? - I'm learning Hackintosh, gradually, and these all need boot loaders from a CD or USB stick or even EFI partition on HDD though I don't know all about this yet. With this in mind surely a boot loader is needed to install OS X? - I'm talking legitimate verisons of OS X Any useful info gratefully received - The whole thing got me a little confused but I've got Virtual Box and it looks great so now I just need to know how to install. Some folks use hacked versions but is it possible to use legit versions of OS X
  5. Configurators

    I found the clover Wiki which has plenty to read and learn
  6. system definitions

    Hi, Where do people obtain the system definitions from? - Are they contained and or generated within a utility?
  7. Configurators

    Yes this is good - Bootloader, I sort of understand now, CD / USB. DSDT's & SSDT's sound like tropical diseases - - I get the idea they need patching, I understand sort of that every motherboard may need one - that is a DSDT, injecting, patching, all confuses me currently. MaciASL / Pike Alpha PRGen - If Clover can do all this and take the sting out of it a little. Then SMBIOS / plists etc.... I see these items but it's boggling at the moment but it is coming which is why I need to get looking into it. Youtube have some tutorials. Knowing how the other programs intertwine with Clover - or not - ? I figure over the next few weeks I need to make some real progress in getting this off the ground - to get some nouse into the brains - er brain OK Herve what are your favorites and why? - I'm trying to understand so if you explain what is your poison - or poisons, there may be several -
  8. Configurators

    Hello folks - It's been an interesting few days with me trying to make some sense of the Hackintosh world. I am not a programmer or developer so my skills will be annoyingly bad for you guys / gals here. Two years ago was the 1st attempt and everything was totally new. As it is right now I've read about lots of apps and all sorts enough to leave my head spinning. The 1st attempt was at the other site. I do have a 2008 iMac boxed and iPad that isn't used too often but is very useful. Just thought I'd throw this in. Because of lack of knowledge I've had to use tools from the other site to get Snow Leopard installed and to refresh my memory a little. Two years ago I did manage to download the OS X Yosemite that is backed up and this has enabled me to install Yosemite 10.10 - I'm currently downloading 10.10.5 on my Windows laptop. I've seen that HD4600 is supported from 10.10.2 - If I have 10.10.5 then all should be good. Now is where it could get interesting - I've heard of Clover and have downloaded some versions of this as well as Pandora Box - I've never used this I did buy CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner) so I could back up the Vanilla Yosemite pending further work to rescue a mistake If some of you could answer some basic questions it could be really helpful Clover is a configurator, but is this to configure an OS already installed isn't it? So if I have the Snow Leopard 10.6.8 installed I could use Clover to install Yosemite right? but it can also configure an existing installation with Kexts / DSDT's / SSDT's ? (inject or what ever)? Which version am I best starting off with of Clover? - I've got a download link to a lot of the versions off source forge Any helpful advice on where to start with this is needed - I've seen some clips of people using clover and it looks like people really like it - Comments welcome Any other comments on the following also welcoming - Chamelion, Enoch, Ozmosis, Pandora Box, PC EFI and XPC I'm a newbie on this - I'll also be learning some terminal but this is quite painful Anyway any helpful pointers. I could just install one of them or try to - but if there is a tutorial or set of them starting off simple and building up - Please give some feeback as it is very difficult. Then who knows I may be patching / injecting / what ever quite soon -
  9. Pooky Macman Guide

    Hi foskvs, I'll get round to that - Thanks for the tips as I don't know these things. Is a working version of OS X needed to do this? - Or is it possible to do a Sierra install without? It shouldn't be a problem, hopefully - I'll have a look for a tutorial or best route to do this
  10. Pooky Macman Guide

    Hello foskvs, I thought I'd follow the install Snow Leopard on any PC tutorial -
  11. Pooky Macman Guide

    Hello Herve, I didn't know this -
  12. Pooky Macman Guide

    Hello folks, I've just Google'd about problems with Nawcom CD, and one of the comments from someoene was "if you use Haswell CPU, Nawcom CD is useless. In this case the CPU is Haswell - - So the Nawom will not work right? - What is my best bet now? - Another Boot loader, of course, I'll see if Clover can do something or if I can do something with Clover
  13. Pooky Macman Guide

    Hi, I've made the CD Nawcom, have a blank WD Black HDD from a few years back, have tried to boot from CD/DVD - There is no boot menu as such like in thr guide but a dash like so - in the top left hand corner of the screen. Have changed some BIOS settings to do this. I'll keep plodding away with this but would like some specific feedback. This board is a Z97-AR Asus board that I'm trying this on. - Thanks edit - I've checked the DVD/CD on boot and the light flashes - The same dash like so - also appears with no cd in the drive I can do this on an empty, unused HDD can't I? - Or does Windows need to be installed? add+ It did go into an Intel boot agent with flashing dots on screen, and then into BIOS,
  14. OS X Snow Leopard

    Hi, Was / is Snow Leopard 10.6 ever available on USB stick as brand new purchase? - Reason is I've seen USB sticks available and question are they genuine?
  15. No permission for download

    OK, thanks for this and letting me know it's out of date. I found a download for MaciASL by phpdev32, it contains 3 versions apparently, that is all I know. Thanks also for the link to all in one installations, lots to read and learn but it'll sink in - I hope, -