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Advices for new built

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I'm an happy user of a x99 built hackintosch since 6/7 years using it mainly for photoshop and fcpx ... Using new camera with better resolution and video in ProResRaw , my built start to struggle a bit 

I'm thinking of making a new built and seeking for advices for this new built that I want evolutive and last at least as long as my previous built 

I'll use a SSD M2 forth Generation so I need at least 2 to 3 SSD M2 PCI x4 slots

then which proc to use , I was thinking about the AMD Ryzen 9 3900xt or the Intel I9 10900k ( don't have the money for AMD threadripper ) if you have better idea I'm really open to it as long as you explain it to me 

then which chipset should I use:

for Intel  , should I go to Z490 or X299 or W480

For AMD , I think I have only the choice of X570

I always used Gigabyte motherboard so it will be naturally my first choice but again I'm open to any suggestion

I need at least usb 3,1 Gen 2 and TB3 is not necessary but an option and can be add later on with a PCI Card I think

So I'll be pleased o read your opinion and the choices that you'll do for the purpose of this built 

thanks in advance 



first. don't exist vanilla amd. u need many many patches to kernel for this work

if u need a professional build use intel

good example


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