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Hackintosh on Acer Aspire 5 A515-55-54RX

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I have just finished my first desktop Hackintosh with opencore and I am really pleased with the results and now I am looking for the options for a laptop hackintosh for my son but laptops seem much harder than desktops so I have some doubts which I hope I can get some help with here.


Then I found the Acer Aspire 5 A515-55-54RX Intel Core i5-1035G1/16GB/256GB SSD/15.6

which is excellent value and also has room for an extra harddrive making a dualboot easier.


However, looking for info for the Acer Aspire is a bit tricky since there are sooo many models from years back.


So, I basically wonder:

1. Does anyone have experience new Acer models. Do they support the necessary settings like cfg_lock in Bios etc.

2. In general, Is Acer a decent option for a budget hackintosh laptop.

3. From other posts I understand that progress is done on the 1035G1 but afaik there is no macbook with this exact CPU. Does this work because generally Ice Lake works nowadays? The computer does not have a dGPU so I will rely on the G1.


Any other comments or anyone has a starting point for a similar project to recommend (I prefer to use opencore)?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions



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