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High Sierra Z170 AsRock

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I've got an AsRock Z170 Professional Gaming i7 on the test bench (usually reserved for working on Windows!) and is a good-ish match for MacOS High Sierra.  I've got an iMac 2008 to do the installation preparation on but I'm not that good at getting going with Mavericks 10.9 installed but could go higher if needed.


I've created a Clover bootable installer with MBR partition scheme so it can boot on Windows/Intel systems with FAT - And it does boot, showing the 5 menu items 1). start with shell 64 (2). Options 3). about clover 4). restart computer 5). exit clover 


There are no options though to install High Sierra.


All that is needed now is to successfully add High Sierra and match it with the Clover that can already boot on the Windows system Intel motherboard.


A fake SMC was added to "other" folder under the kext menu of the boot loader.


So, a little help is requested to attempt to make this possible - Thanks

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I've followed a guide CORP_NEWT on Git_Hub _ I got the Clover installer ready to go _ with the best of my knowledge (which isn't much)__the necessary KEXTS are in the EFI_


I can't get the installer to start _ integrated graphics or HD630 __


Lilu has been included along with GetGreen (or what_ever_its_called)___a helpful pointer would be great right now __ the objective here is just to get any install right now - thanks

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Just to add a little more - clover boots (with the create boot media on Mac)__for OS High Sierra - I can scroll through the Clover menu's on the target motherboard and even the 7700 K is seen in Clove with iMac 18.2 or similar.


Just can't get to install - and as I'm not sure where I've gone wrong some feedback is requested! - Clover counts down from the boot screen to install but the screen goes black and there is no further activity.


How long should it take for the installer to kick in?

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