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[Solved] Mac Add printer not seeing Windows print server in different VLAN

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Client in Vlan 100, Windows Print Server & all printers in Vlan 20

Full routing between provided by core switch


I can add the printer on Mac by IP, no issue, but need to add it via Windows Print Server

And Printers & Scanners settings applet simply does NOT see Windows Print Server that exists in Vlan 20


Is there any other way to add the printer? Terminal command line?

It is mad that one cannot specify in GUI print server, it has to be only selected (which I cannot)



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I take it that you do not see the print server when going to printer PrefPane and trying to add a Windows printer, right? But I'd have expected you to be able to add it manually either through name or IP address + printer name/queue.


Did you look into CUPS? It's still available today in current macOS Catalina. I used to have a Lexmark-based Dell AIO 966 printer that I could only use with my Macs/Hacks if added through the CUPS local interface. I could never use it if directly added from the Printer PrefPane (mostly for driver/compatibility reasons) for but it'd pop there after adding it through CUPS. And it'd then fully work.


You 1st enable CUPS then you can access the management interface at localhost:631 (or Browser/HTTP access of course... Use Terminal to enable CUPS interface:

cupsctl WebInterface=yes


sudo cupsctl WebInterface=yes




Look it up!

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