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No battery indicator after installing catalina

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after I upgraded to Catalina on my dell Latitude 7480, my battery indicator disappeared, 

I am using a bootpack that is supposed to have everything working for my configuration but this is not.


I don't know how to fix it since the kexts i have are exactly what they are supposed to be.


i attached my debug_info. please help




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Your IOReg extract shows a BAT0 device but no kext attached to it, so your SMCBatteryManager kext clearly does not load... You could always try and switch from VirtualSMC (& Plugins) to FakeSMC (& Plugins) + good old ACPIBatteryManager kext and/or try without SSDT-GPRW in case that's what causing trouble. Or there may be additional analysis to be conducted on the ACPI side...

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