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  1. Nancy10

    Lost bluetooth after fixing wifi

    I am still with HS 10.13.6, I don't think I will upgrade to Mojave yet.
  2. Hey ! I am suffering from a high CPU and Memory usage of kernel task, 44% CPU out of 400, which is considerable, for idle computer. Can anyone help diagnose why is this happening ? I attached some debug files Send me Asus-Macbook.zip
  3. I already Havewindows installed, and Mac OS HS installed on separate partitions. I don't want to restart the whole thing again (installing HS and windows from scratch). Or are you talking about the system boot partition ?
  4. Hey ! I am having a problem with my boot partition and I want to resolve it. It is a messy one considering I have arch linux grub, without having any linux distribution installed. I can't boot from it because clover version is very old and I couldn't update it ( update works and version and files don't change ). Recently my windows started to stop booting because (apparently) of a BCD problem that I couldn't solve. So since I am already booting from USB drive (the one I used to install in the first place), I thought I should try recreate the boot partition from Zero and make it work for both windows ans MacOs HS. How do I proceed to do so for Cover and Windows BCD ? Thanks
  5. Nancy10

    loosing sound after sleep HS

    It is set to 8 already, should I put it to an other value ?
  6. Nancy10

    loosing sound after sleep HS

    I just put to sleep my Computer and unfortunately it did lose sound after waking up. the code commander didn't work really.
  7. Nancy10

    loosing sound after sleep HS

    I tried the codecommander kext and it worked, for one of two times I pass to sleep, because the first one just crashed and I had to reboot. which is a problem I need to fix too.
  8. Nancy10

    loosing sound after sleep HS

    The VoodooPS2Controllers makes my keyboard work, and the VoodooI2C makes my touchpad work, I will try removing the PS2Controller to see if my keyboard still works. I attached a DxDiag output, it has all my hardware specs. Thanks DxDiag.txt
  9. hey ! I have a problem with sleep, which is loosing sound. before I put the PC to sleep I do have clear sound everywhere, but after I put it to sleep and go back no sound would come out. Is there anything I can do to fix this ? I attached my debug files. Send me Thes-MacBook-Pro.zip
  10. it is an encryption mechanism. So it is good that it is disabled since it will affect the booting time and the speed of data reading and writing.
  11. @Allan The Clover folder in the debug zip is not probably not the one I am using to boot, since I am booting from my USB device. and What is FileVault2?, I found out it was disabled on my install ( I tried this command `sudo fdesetup status` and it was Off.
  12. Thanks Allen, I will see if the kexts are all needed. Can you help with the DSDT ? I really don't know anything about them not even what they stand for.
  13. hello ! I am trying to figure out why my high Sierra install is so slow compared to an original install on apple hardware. I know how original Mac Books feels and how much performance it has. It is surely due, to some extent, to the fact MacBooks use SSDs instead of SATA that I have. But that is still not everything, my boot is slow and even slower after updating to latest version of high sierra, opening apps takes considerable time especially with MS Office Apps, processor is used at a rate of 15 to 25%, most of it by kernel task, ... is there anyway of fixing those problems and/or upping the system 's performance ? I attached my Debug files and my booting Clover folder. please help me on this. Send me Thes-MacBook-Pro.zip CLOVER.zip
  14. I have this problem too, like exactly this. and it happened with me even before upgrading to 10.13.6. *The Nvidia card change is not really that influential right ? like OSX doesn't rely on it for graphic rendering, right ?
  15. Nancy10

    Lost bluetooth after fixing wifi

    I still need help with this one, I can't use bluetooth at all.