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  1. I have this problem too, like exactly this. and it happened with me even before upgrading to 10.13.6. *The Nvidia card change is not really that influential right ? like OSX doesn't rely on it for graphic rendering, right ?
  2. Nancy10

    Lost bluetooth after fixing wifi

    I still need help with this one, I can't use bluetooth at all.
  3. hey ! I just upgraded to mac os high sierra 10.13.6 and it went correctly, but i lost wifi. It used to work perfectly, now it says hardware not installed. My Wifi card is an Atheros AR9565, i had troubles making it work so i will nSend me Thes-MacBook-Pro.zipeed help with this one. I attached my debug files. I use a different CLOVER boot folder than the one with the debug files, so i attached that separate too. CLOVER.zip
  4. a simple question, does the touch screen work after installing OSX ?
  5. Nancy10

    Network speed got limited suddenly

    I kind of having to use it, but I just figured out that it is maybe a network problem or something specific to a certain network configuration. But I must say I do still have problems with bluetooth on that card.
  6. Hey ! I recently witnessed a huge limit in my downloading speed, when using my osx installation (High sierra 10.13.1) on my Asus Laptop. This happened while using Wifi and Ethernet. my Wifi card is an Atheros AR956x, I did make it work by following this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q_bLKSCFDU&t=10s installing the new coreCapture kexts did make my wifi work and with full speed then for some reason everything stopped working and all. I attached my hardware configuration, incase that is needed. I am still booting from my installation USB's CLOVER due to problems updating the existing SYSTEM Partition's CLOVER. I also attached my booting clover file and the debug files ( the clover in the debug files may not be the one that I am using to boot, I am really not sure). DxDiag.txt CLOVER.zip Send me Thes-MacBook-Pro.zip
  7. I did post a Dxdiag resume of my computer hardware it has all my hardware information. I did btw fix this issue with the HDMI and VGA by switching to MacBook Pro 15 I think in SMBIOS.
  8. tryning to fix my VGA problem, I booted my OSX while the VGA cable was plugged and it did boot on my second monitor. Now I can't find my original monitor and the Detect monitors button in display preference doesn't show up. does this info help ?
  9. Hey all ! I am running Mac OS high Sierra on my Asus X556U with I5 6198DU 2,8ghz, Qualcom Atheros AR9565 (AR956x) with integrates bluetooth and wifi together. After the installation went successful, I had wanted to fix wifi ( my bluetooth is working at this stage, natively working ) so I installed these (CoreCapture...) kexts I found on youtube. I know they work because they worked with me before on an other installation. After doing so, I had my wifi to work. but I lost the bluetooth. bluetooth doesn't detect, get detected or connect to previously connected devices anymore. I don't really have any idea on why it happened. NOTE : tell me if you need any files. I added my booting Clover folder, and my debug files, Please help. CoreCaptureResponder.kext.zip corecapture.kext.zip CLOVER.zip Send me Thes-MacBook-Pro.zip
  10. I did try your clover file. it didn't work. i can see the OSx partition but i can't boot the system just reboots automatically. here are two photos i took(as fast as i could) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gzhwrz0Ei1qjXEROmY0DGagyJs-CwAcx/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oHS2e2WRx9Cs7_HQFcr4gbJjgJUkB8mJ/view?usp=sharing
  11. here it is, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_FwNFczk4CdIfiIQ-T1pX_LY1takRuny/view?usp=sharing
  12. yes it is. i can boot using a backup from a backup of my clover. i am just trying to fix the VGA /HDMI so i tried using the clover i got from Allan
  13. But i as i said i alreayd can see the macOs partition in clover. i will try your clover zip.
  14. What did you add exactly, i did inject the unsupported 100 series kext and did see my macOS partition. I couldn't boot at all. I still get an error from VoodooPS2Mouse i think here is an image: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dkcoWh2ZXj56ketONkrV8x9TNOVJdXkf
  15. I tried that zip, couldn't see my OSX partition at all