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No turbo unlock - Haswell-E Xeon Catalina 10.15.6

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Hello dear Insanelymac family!

I have a problem with my hackintosh. Everything is working, imessage, facetime, etc.

One thing is bothering me, the cpu management.

Somehow the OS can't handle Turbo unlock at all.

My Xeon 2620-v3's base frequency is 2.4GHz, and it can be turbo boosted to 3,2GHz. Its a huge difference, so i need it absolutely.

Im using clover r5116 as bootloader. I checked my CPU section inside clover, and it recognizes my cpu can be turbo boosted to 3.2, but inside the OS, nothing happening.

Here is a screenshot: 1592628903_Kpernyfot2020-08-23-16_18_23.thumb.png.1f5341c855de1dad92e0ee3da465c510.png

What can i do now? How can i reach the turbo unlock?

I did the xeon-v3 turbo unlock tutorial by myconist already. No changes.

Thanks in advance.

6 minutes ago, acsapos said:

Already using it, but thanks!:)

VoodoTSCSync Configurator:worried_anim:Catalina is..Big Dog:wallbash:Or downgrade to Mojave

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