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Help install Big Sur with Clover

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Hi my friend, i wish to install Big Sur with clover because O.C. doesn't boot on my main board but clover boot on efi and uefi. When i try to install Big Sur public release bootloader stop on ioapic, see my attach. I try many times and combines configuration but nothing, clover 5120 K.P. on AppleIntelCpupowermanagement on all os's installed on my computer but clover 5121 work good. I install all distro Mac Os and work very good but Big Sur refuze to install, please any help, thank you. Attach my config.






52 minutes ago, PPCnostalgic said:

I think Clover could work with an already installed system but I think you've better to switch to Open Core for the installation. I'm in the same boat with my old X79 mobo, I'm not willing to learn OC but I guess I have to.

My mobo does't boot O.C. but have uefi boot, i have preinstalled Big Sur, my method is: download B.S. public beta from Apple, lounch installer and select disk and go install, this work very good to catalina, but to B.S. when restart.....stuck on acpi. Open Core doesn't recognise to my uefi bios. Sorry for my english.

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