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Catalin install on a non UEFI System

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First, the system

Asus Rampage II Gene, i7-950, EVGA GT710. 8 GB RAM, SSD

I cloned a working SSD of Catalina 10.15.5, and then using clover 5103 and unchecked the "install for UEFI system only" in the clover installer. With a few tweaks and fixes, Catalina boots on with this system.

The only problem.

If I reboot, the OS somehow resets or crashes the bios.

As I look at it, it seems like it could be the files in the folder that says bios? lol

I have another SSD with 10.13.6, and the identical kexts and drivers, and the config file may be exactly the same as well (I don't remember, I may have needed to tweak that.

Also audio doesn't work, and Voodoo 2.9 crashes the system.

Audio can be dealt with, but in all my years of hackintoshing, I've never seen this. lol

Any thoughts appreciated.




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