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  1. Well, I am not sure what I did. lol. To clarify, I am updating from a working 10.12.6 install. After posting this thread I copied all the kexts to the Other folder, AND changed to product name to MacPro 6,1. It stopped getting stuck but then during booting in verbose mode, it went through normal loading, and then the screen went black and the HD was going for about an hour. I fell asleep and woke to a black screen. I tried again and changed the product name back to MacPro 5,1 (what it was in 10.12.6 before updating) used CLOVERX64-High.efi instead of CLOVERX64.efi, and it worked. Only issue now, is the HD is accessing constantly, which I am guessing it might be spotlight might be indexing. I just shut that off and all is good. BEST Part: The issue in 10.12.x with Screen sharing that caused the Option and other control keys not to work correctly has finally been fixed. Well, Yes, I was using Clover_v2.4k_r4221 for 10.12.6, and that seems to be working with 10.13. I also have Clover_v2.4k_r4259 and just downloaded the Clover_v2.4k_r4268 you linked, but notice you have r4271 in your profile. Is that the current one? As I suspected, I updated to Clover_v2.4k_r4268, switched the kexts to the 10.13 folder, used the CLOVERX64.efi that the latest Clover installed instead of the CLOVERX64-High.efi, and all was well. As with going from 10.12.2 to 10.12.5, the correct version of Clover solved all the problems. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have I 4930k cpu Asus x79 Sabertooth. 32 gigs ram EVGA nVidia 710 Graphics card Originally installed with 10.12.3. and Clover_v2.3k_r3961 UEFI boot Updated to 10.12.6. Boot got stuck at kextd stall [0] (60s) 'AppleACPICPU' Then updated to Clover Clover_v2.4k_r4221, and problem solved, OS worked as it did with 10.12.3 The got final release of High Sierra from iTunes v13.0.66, and updated OS. Update went smoothly Now on boot, getting stuck at kextd stall [0] (60s) 'AppleACPICPU' Below is the screen shot of where it gets stuck. Followed the new install guide in the 10.13, changed smbios to MacPro 6,1 added apfs.efi Still gets stuck. after a while, the screen just goes black Here are the pics
  3. USB problems on Asus P5K-VM motherboard

    Another solution for yellow icons that worked for me. <key>KextsToPatch</key> <array> <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>External icons patch</string> <key>Find</key> <data>RXh0ZXJuYWw=</data> <key>Name</key> <string>AppleAHCIPort</string> <key>Replace</key> <data>SW50ZXJuYWw=</data> </dict>
  4. Downloaded The El Capitan Installer from Apple, created boot flash drive with Clover. It keeps defaulting to Italian. Install was fine, and changed language after install, but then when I went to do a security update, it shows Italian in the dialog windows. Redownloaded the El Capitan installer, and it still shows Italian, changed to English, but then on second part of install, after first reboot, goes back to Italian. Is this something from the SMBIOS, and if so, where and what? I have looked at the specs and see nothing for a language or region. Or could it be a issue of the UUID or motherboard serials contain that info? The config file is from Rampagedev, which I used for a Sierra install, so didn't have a problem. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. SystemID UUID issues

    Yeah, I'll have to see Hervé. Most of the P5k-VM systems I have are the Q6600's, which I guess won't cut it. This one I'm trying to do the build on is a step down from that, possible the E4 or E6. I don't have CPU-X on the machine I have to know which it is. I do have one P5K-Vm that has a higher model CPU than the Q6600, I can use that. Or just look on Ebay for one of the working CPU's, they're probably pretty cheap now. Do you know if there is a better choice between the Wolfdales or the Yorkfields with regard to ease of the OS install? It wasn't so much ignoring the SSE4 issue as that I had seen other posts online of successful Sierra builds and got all excited. lol. For my work, and at the time, the P5K-VM had such a good set of ports and options between the working ethernet, firewire, and USB, in a MATX form factor, from 10.6 through 10.9.2 it was a relatively easy build. Being able to get Sierra on here would have been cool. As far as all the kexts, I had tried to get El Capitan working with the recommended kexts from other posts and it wasn't booting, so I threw in everything but the kitchen sink and it worked. I did the same for trying to get Sierra to work. Not always the best approach, but this has been a few days off and on I've been working on this. Thanks for your input. I will post again once I find a working CPU.
  6. SystemID UUID issues

    I have a beloved P5k-VM that I am trying to get 10.12.2 to work on. I have a EVGA 520 video card, 2 gig of ram, a 1.8 core 2 duo. 120GB PNY XLR8 SSD I have a version of 1011.6 that works. I installed it UEFI on a Asus X79 Sabertooth, then used SuperDuper to copy another drive, and used Clover to do a Legacy install. Turning on all the drivers, it worked. I after doing the same procedure with 10.12.2, it has run into some issues. First it was freezing at the Clover ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ display. I turned KernalCPU to true, and that allowed the boot to continue, But then I got a kernel panic. I removed APPLEHPET.kext (which I needed to do for this motherboard since 10.6.4 to get USB to work properly) but then I get a UUID Kernal panic. I've looked at various places on the web on how to fix this for ichat and other things, but entering a new SystemUUID number in my config file doesn't solve the problem Below are my screen captures, config file and images of the drivers I have installed. This first image is of the kernel panic when APPLEHPET was installed, the second when it was removed and I get the UUID kernel panic where I stand now. If you notice there are a number of USB errors. I suspect this might be a USB problem that is affecting the UUID, just because of other experiences I've had, but can't say for sure. Any Thoughts? Thanks in advance
  7. USB problems on Asus P5K-VM motherboard

    For the sound I found this link on the board. I used the ALC883 and the HDAEnabler7 kexts Another thing about USB It works once the system boots on all ports, and works in the motherboard boot, but does not work in clover unless you have a usb hub attached between the keyboard and the motherboard. Why, I don't know, but that is what I've found. I am using a switcher and that may be the reason, but either way. USB works as it should
  8. USB problems on Asus P5K-VM motherboard

    I've attached screen shots of the kexts and the config file I used. Archive.zip
  9. USB problems on Asus P5K-VM motherboard

    Flayv, I've installed Mac OS of one version or another on this board for years. I LOVE this board. There is a simpler solution: Remove your DSDT file and remove AppleHPET.kext from system-library-extensions. With it I have never gotten firewire or the first two usb connectors under the PS2 connectors to work. Without it all the problems disappear. From my experience, I've never needed it and I have used this MB with Pro Tools 9. I used your config file, loaded up every single driver option for drivers64 and Plus every one for 10.12.2 on the rampagedev site, added the HFSPlus-64.efi and that allowed the system to work. Also I was trying to get it to boot with a EVGA ge force 710, and it didn't work, but when I went back to a nvidia 520 card, It finally booted and worked. There's probably too many kexts in there, but it works and I don't want to take the time to remove them one at a time to see what happens. I am having the same icon issue. Chameleon use to have a patch built in to it to fix the problem. As I have never built my own DSDT file, and wouldn't want to attempt to do it for just that one issue. I haven't checked sleep yet. I'll let you know. My two cents on it. Now if I could just get Sierra to boot on this motherboard, life would be beautiful.
  10. USB problems on Asus P5K-VM motherboard

    I am actually trying to set up the el capitian with the same motherboard. before it wasn't even going to the apple icon, but I copied your config file and DSDT for clover and now it does, but hangs on with USB issues. Where did you get the kexts you use? Also, how did you format your drive? Guid or MBR?
  11. New USB 3.0 Problems

    Never mind. The RampageDev which I thought was causing freezing when I was trying to install the system on the X79 sabertooth, is working now. I had an issue with the usb stick I had the installer on. I had it plugged into the usb 2.0 port while trying to boot and it was freezing. When I plugged it into the 3.0 port it booted and I was able to install the system. I've seen a lot of posts from people freezing at the exact same spot, and I bet it is from the stick being in the wrong port. Thanks again for your help. mentioning the kext gave me the idea to try the RampageDev one again.
  12. New USB 3.0 Problems

    Hmm. I thought I had already posted, but I've tried a number of versions of the genericUSBxhci.kext and none have worked. What I have found is that the rampage MB that is working doesn't have a Intel Management Engine version, while the others I've tried do have a IME listed. Both Rampage boards have the same bios version. Both X79 sabertooths have a version of the IME, but the one that is working has an earlier version of the bios. I have checked with different mice and keyboards. I understand Apple changed the way the system sees the USB devices, but I don't get this working, I may be stuck with the USB 3.0 PCIE card above(assuming it works when it arrives) Do you think it could be the IME south bridge affecting the USB? I do notice that if I turn off the legacy USB support the keyboard and mouse stay lit up until the desktop appears. With it on, they go dark as soon as the apple menu with the progress bar starts loading.
  13. New USB 3.0 Problems

    So I have a successful install. Actually two. I installed on an X79 sabertooth as in my profile, then cloned the drive and put it on an Asus Rampage IV Gene, intel 3280, 32 gigs ram, SSD. Both have an EVGA 710 graphics card. On Both USB 2.0 doesn't work but 3.0 does work. I then took the same cloned drive to my work where I have the exact same model motherboards. and CPU's USB 3.0 no longer works in the two other computers. I know it's not frozen because I can see the clock changing time. The only difference between the two Rampage IV Genes is that one has a C1 stepping and the ME says N/A, while the other says C0 Stepping, and has a ME version. I have not been back to my place to see what the stepping is in the Sabertooth boards and if there is a difference between the two. On the site of he who shall not be named (but it rhymes with Cloney Rack) someone suggested getting a native OOB USB 3 card to solve the problem. It is a solution, but not a great one. Anyone else run into this issue? Any other Sabertooth owners that can share their wisdom? Not being able to solve this problem makes me sad, and I find myself crying at Lifetime movies when I normally don't. Oh, here's the link to the supposedly working USB 3.0 Card https://www.amazon.com/Cord-free-Inateck-Controller-Internal-Connector/dp/B00JFR2H64/
  14. USB 2 point uh oh (not working)

    And another thing. I took the drive with this 10.12.2 install and used it on an Asus Rampage IV Gene with a intel 3820, and again, only the USB 3 ports worked. The GenericUSBXHCI.kext causes problems, what I don't remember. And as it addresses usb 3.0 issues board may have, doesn't apply here. Merry Holidays.
  15. Hi Installed 10.12.2 using your guide. Network, graphics with cuda working, sleep working. USB 3.0 port , 4 of them work. USB 2.0 port don't work. This seems to be the opposite of what most people are finding. I've seen on other sites that apple changed the way USB is setup, but those solutions don't seem to work I've looked on insanelymac and found a few others. Is there a kext that fixes this? SMBIOS shows as Mac Pro 5,1 Thanks Mac Also system report shows 3 ports working, two 3.0 ports and 1 2.0, but only the two 3.0 ports (2 connectors each) work. This makes sense as the AppleUSBECHIPCI for the Mac Pro 5,1 lists 5 ports in the info.plist