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Xonar Phoebus Solo [possibly] working with VoodooHDA

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Hi hackintoshers,


Since i want to have all of my stuff to work on mac i have started to look for possible ways to achieve that.


This time it's the turn of my Xonar Phoeabus Solo which is probabaly the best sound card i own right now (even better than my professional ones in terms of dac and amp quality).


I got some documentation from CMI (wich is the oem for the CM8888 sound chip used in that card) from thir website and i saw that it is HDA compatible and so i wondered if thare is any way i can get it to work somehow with existing HDA solutions.


So i started digging into the forum and i found this thread:

In the first page there is quite a very helpfoul post about modding the voodooHDA kext to get HDA compatible devices to work with mac, and so i got the latest voodoo hda and i set it to work just with xonar by setting the IOPCIPRimaryMatch into the info.plist of the kext (and so not creating any problem with my other audio devices like the on-board audio using appleALC) and i got it to work in a very basic way, now the sound card shows up and it's all good and it also has working playback but the volume is super low and i can't say if pitches and timing are correct just because the volume is so low.


So i wanted to start this thread to discuss how to edit the voodoohda's info.plist file in order to get this card to at least work decently and then have a guide about getting this sound card to work by modding voodooHDA.


For now i am in the process of learning more about what i can do with the info.plist in voodooHDA and so i will attempt at getting the card to work decently and i will keep you updated in case of any news, for now i just leave a screenshot inside this spoiler:





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