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10.13x or above on non UEFI Systems Possible with Clover

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Is there a way to install 10.13x or above on a non UEFI motherboard?

I was able to install 10.12 on a non UEFI because Clover still had that option.

Is there a way to take a SSD with a working 10.13.6, and somehow get it to work on an older motherboard?

I have a few motherboards that this would be cool if it worked, for example, a P5K-VM I got working with 10.12.

Just curious.

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Got 10.13.6 to work. Unchecked the "install in UEFI mode only" button and it loaded a bootable version.

Annoyingly, the bootarguments are turned off with a # symbol. Turned it on.

Loaded the drivers and kexts from my working UEFI EFI folder. All working.

Now trying to get Catalina to work. It gets stuck at PCI begin. Sometimes goes a little further.

I've found a few links at Orarlila, here and elsewhere on the web to EFI folders, but none for this MB specifically, and all get stuck around the same place.

It's a P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 Asus MB, 2700K CPU 32 Gb ram, Patriot hard drive, GT710 GPU (metal)

Any thoughts?

PS. Just for fun, I just checked and the same EFI works with Mojave as well.

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