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Help me with my build

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Hi all,



i need help with two things to make my mojave 10.14.6 work properly. 

i started with a fully functioning yosemite hackintosh for 2 years now and have good results. 


Made a clone of that yosemite and installed the latest clover configurator and clover bootloader version 5120. 

updated to mojave and so far works properly. 

except my DVI on my sapphire hd 7970 doesnt work and only HDMI works. 

my apogee duet firewire (external audio interface) that runs with a PCI (not pcie) firewire card. 

as soon as i connect my duet i cannot boot from mojave. It just keeps on rebooting itself. 

if i disconnect it then everything works fine. 

if i connect the duet while im inside the desktop of mojave it immediatly reboots. 


how do i make this duet work?


iv heared that even though the duet firewire is not supported after yosemite, that itd work fine with latest mojave and catalina using thesame old yosemite dmg drivers. 

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