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    Dual GPU but not SLI/XF in one system

    59 views and no reply?
  2. Hi. I cant seem to find anytjing related to my question, might aswell create a new one. Im curios if you have a hackintosh and windows in separate SSD, can i use GTX 690 on windows while a GTX 560 is running idle on the second slot but no drivers installed? and can i do thesame in hackintosh SSD with the 560 while the 690 is in idle with no drivers on hackintosh? if they dont work, how about HD 7970 on windows and GTX 560 on hackintosh on the same build. Is this possible?
  3. Macpro3.1

    Can't get graphics working on an EVGA GTX 960.

    If you still have problems. Try using a different output. I had thesame problem earlier in my hackintoshing and i found DVI on my gtx560 worked but it was slow as in 7fps in cinebench. When i connected to HDMI then everythings perfect. Gets me in 71fps
  4. I also got the hdmi connection working for whatever reason i dont know how i didt it. It seems that only by using hdmi would the gpu accelerate with 71fps in cenebemch rather than using DVI and getting only 6 fps
  5. sorry that it took so long to come back. totally forgot it, here goes. so lets start with a bit of a history of my interest of making a hackintosh. In 2012 i built my PC from scratch with the little money i had. it is a mid to low mid specced gaming machine. Iv been fond of building a hackintosh but was always put down because my system, mainly my motherboard and GPU, because cheap, would not qualify for a hack. this was back in the days with tonymac, cant spell here his name, because its not allowed and it should stay that way. the people on that forum convinced me that i would never get my system even running anything because of my hardware. so i was very sad. no one would ever help me even start something. been lurking around this forum, insanelymac, for quite some time until just a couple weeks ago, i became a member. i asked a member here, ricoc90 thanks man, and he confirmed that my system would run at max High Sierra but not Mojave because of my GPU. so now i became very curious. one week of researching this forums and somewhat same motherboard as i have and see they too get theirs going but has some issues with IGPU or Audio. more movies from youtube, some more lurking this forum then i start to attempt my hack. it took me more than a week to finally and successully boot and run my machine stable with the hackintosh after hours and days of troubleshooting so many restarts and experimentation. so heres MY approach to this hack. it might even work with other OSX versions even. So after youve donwloaded the latest clover bootloader and the the clover configurator, you setup your yosemite USB installer. Install the clover to the USB with costumized settings, like these CHECKED: Clover for UEFI booting only Install Clover in the ESP on UEFI drivers, check: DataHubDxe-64 FSInject-64 SMCHelper-64 VBoxHfs-64 ApfsDriverLoader-64 AptioMemoryFix-64 EmuVariableUEFI-64 Install these on your newley setupped USB Installer. Once done, open Clover Configurator, Click mount and mount the USB Installer to open partition the USB`s "EFI" folder. On configurator, go to Kext and Install ALL (even those you dont know you need yet) the kext that is available on the options and direct them to the EFI folder of the USB installer EFI/clover/kext/others. choose OTHERS and NOT the specific OSX numbers. You need an internet connection to download those kext from using clover configurator. Alternatively, you search the web for a complete set of kext like from https://hackintosher.com/downloads/kexts/ i dont know if im allowed to insert websites here please correct me. there youll find all the kext you need. if there is a link about how to make the audio work and the link is broken, just search that in google and itll show up from thesame site as the hackintosher. we will cover the post installation and later on after the initial installation of your hack.. if you have trouble (better yet just do this) with the installation, just replace the VboxHFS-64 with HFSplus-64 and on the folder EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI. just do a search on google otherwise ill be happy to send you the file. so thats done.. now to your bios of your motherboard are some settings you NEED to disable and enable. disable: VT-D Intel virtualization intel rapid start intel smart connect IGPU if using dedicated GPU like AMD/nvidia serial and parallel ports deep S4 and ALL power on by ps2/keyboard-mouse, PCIE/PCI, RING, RTC network stack fast boot enable: SATA mode selection to AHCI not IDE IGPU if not using dedicated GPU like AMD/Nvidia USB2.0 EHCI controller Legacy USB support Legacy USB3.0 support xHCI mode EHCI Hand-off (this is important) CSM, Launch CSM enabled and choose: Boot device control: UEFI and LEGACY Boot from network devices :Legacy Oprom Boot from storage devices: Legacy Oprom Boot from PCIe/PCI expansion devices Legacy Oprom Secure boot: OTHER OS (this is important) and boot option to UEFI OS which is your USB installer. you have to experiment which name of the USB that would work. i was using a sandisk 64GB USB3.0 thumb drive and sometimes it boots from the UEFI OS sometimes Sandisk. you would know later. after start/restart, hold down DEL on keyboard to enter the bios setup from ASUS MOBOs. F8 to choose boot device. ok so lets go over the clover installer and finally install it in your machine. ............................................................................................................................. USE ONLY USB2.0 connections with your usb drive for FULL COMPATIBILITY. i highly stress to use analog connections from your either MOBOs VGA/DVI if using iGPU or AMD/NVIDIA DVI because for some reason, my GTX 560 does not connect on HDMI on this hack. this really took a guess work after installing and for some reason i get a "no connection signal" on my screen. really frustrating and took alot of anger why my setup was not done. it was done but because i was using digital HDMI i get lost connection. tried DVI on my GPU and presto, theres the OSX welcome screen. hahaha .................................................................................................................................. boot from USB by doing the steps mentioned above or pressing F8. once it says to install from clover, you press your keyboards SPACE for more options. select verbose mode, and NVIDIA web driver inject. then run from WITH KEXT. done correctly and it will show matrix like codes on the screen. be patient. sometimes the loading can be very long for clover to extract the necessary files. once you've installed the OSX and do the Welcome screen setup and hopefully you are in finder desktop, its time to install CLOVER into the main SSD/HDD of your mac OSX Yosemite. open clover again and run and install it EXACTLY THESAME as you did installed it in the USB. open clover configurator and mount the SSD/HDD OSX OS. open the partition and navigate to the EFI/clover/kext/other. connect your USB and navigate to the EFI/clover/kext/other folder from the USB and copy paste all the kext you had from your USB into the the SSD/HDD`s EFI partition EFI/clover/kext/other. DONE!!! you now have a fully stable machine. wait theres more. no audio you say? ok lets fix this. https://hackintosher.com/guides/get-hackintosh-audio-working/ that should fix your audio. for HDMI audio problem fix with this https://hackintosher.com/guides/hackintosh-hdmi-audio-displayport-sound/ thats it. I still have problems with my GPU not connecting in HDMI on hackintosh but works perfect under windows boot drive (not bootcamp) i hope this helps others.. you know id like to go high sierra or even mojave but with minimal updates on those OS`s compared to the Yosemite, ill just be happy with the Yosemite for now. thanks to this forum for lots of knowledgable people and lots of information. lots of troubleshooting guides from various hardware configurations. this hack is so stable that even my {censored} old USB card reader from like 10 years ago is natively supported, even my ver old slow CSR bluetooth dongle would connect my apple magic keyboard, mouse and trackpad no issues. even my VIA chipped firewire PCI card was instantly supported. for those that are having legacy audio interface like an Maudio firewire 1814, it will work with yosemite both real and hackintosh. i really love this interface because of its connectivity and simple to use and understand layout. you wont have the luxery of choosing the output,hardware, about options. but inputs work perfectly even on logic. think of this interface as like a focusrite 2i2 that has limited outputs. again for those that are still using legacy interfaces.......
  6. Ok so after a whole night without sleep i manage to get the built in soundcard realtek alc 887 on my p8b75-v asus motherboard. Ill post my solutions and how i went about with the installation from scratch as soon as i get home. I do have another problem though. I cant seem to get the HDMI port on my gtx 560 to work. But the DVI works fine.
  7. Finally. Got to install and boot to yosemite, fast and reliable. No issues or instability. im writing now from the hackintosh. Thanks for the help and ALOT of research on my part on what works on my particular MB. took me one week to do this. but nailed it.........almost. my MOBOs realtek ALC 887 soundcard wont function at all as in empty in preferences/sounds. did everything right like in instructions with lilu and ALC. help please? really need to hear something. other than that everything seems to work as it should. and its blazing fast.
  8. Macpro3.1

    General question mojave harware

    So my sytem is hackintoshible? you have just made me very excited. is the Intel HD4000 built in the i7 3770k will do for mojave? also one more thing. Is it possible to use a 64GB USB 3.0 thumb stick on PC and use that as my main boot drive instead of a 2,5 3,5 HDD? ill make sure to run all usb sticks on USB 2.0 porta only for full compatiblity.
  9. Old topic i know but i gotta try this. Iv been willing to experiment my only working pc and wpuld like to install an osx yosemite on one of the drives. At the beggining it says to copy the fakesmc to the efi/clover/kexts/10.10. Where do i get the fakesmc kext from? Iv already done made the bootable usb with clover installed in it. Im still confused where to find the faksmc.
  10. Hi, Im glad to be a part of this forum. Just signed up 20 mins ago. I have an old macpro 2008 fully loaded using yosemite 10.10.5. I would not like to touch that OSX version but been curious with mojave on hackintosh PC. i also have a low/mid range gaming windows PC. My specs for my W7/10 dual boot (same SSD) windows PS are as follows: Motherboard: Asus P8B75-V Intel i7 3770k 8GB DDR3 1600mhz RAM Antec HCG 620W PSU Asus GTX 560 DC Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD Built everything in mid 2012. Will these hardware lets me install Mojave? If not, whats the max OSX i can install? Then worst case, will i be able to install atleast yosemite 10.10? I dont mind if i get Nullcpupowermanagement and not be able to use my bios C1 packages and sleep or any intel speedstep as i dont use them anyways in my windows OS. i just need it to work smoothly with MB audio built-in, wifi, ethernet, Usb port 2.0 and 3.0. im not a gamer but likes to use Logic pro X. was thinking of using the W10 partition for the hackintosh OSX but if possible, i could use a 64GB USB 3.0 thumbdrive. Thanks in advance.