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Can't connect to Facetime with my Hackintosh

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Hi everyone!


So, as the title says, I can't connect to Facetime or iMessage with my Latitude E7270 Hackintosh running Catalina. I've tried all of the usual steps of checking my UBIOS, serial number etc. I have also tried a clean install of the system so that there would be nothing in the NVRAM, but still no luck.


I also tried contacting Apple with the code that Facetime created - 5332-4876-6749, but they also were not able to help me because I couldn't find a way to boot into recover mode... for some reason it doesn't come up in my Clover menu at boot time.


I can connect with an iPhone, so the problem doesn't seem to be my account.


Any suggestion?






(Moderator(s), I wasn't sure what category to make this post, please move it as you see fit. Thanks! 

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Run iMessageDeBugger and look at the results for anything that says Void or Null.

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Hi @eSaF


Thanks for the reply. I ran iMessage debug and there wasn't any errors in the output:


zog@MacBook-Pro ~ % /Users/zog/Downloads/iMessageDebug ; exit;

**********************iMessage Debug**********************

Credits: ElNono, mdmwii,flux84, sugarface, pokenguyen



              Model: MacBookPro13,1

           Board-id: Mac-473D31EABEB9XXXX

       SerialNumber: C02RF0PXXXX

      Hardware UUID: 19FXXXX-29EA-5CDB-8EC4-9323299XXXX


          System-ID: DEB7D335-A473-49E5-BC69-9DDCAB18XXXX

                ROM: 9ddcab1883b3

  BoardSerialNumber: C026115014NHXXXX


         Gq3489ugfi: e45408e7ab9379f2c61c233e35251b8cfb

          Fyp98tpgj: 7a5e836a932a1a14ca9bcdbeb1c3c94586

         kbjfrfpoJU: e00a6a62ea6f4d1b1b7934a4087b8a5a64

       oycqAZloTNDm: bc3430de1f4705019c03111689e8939978

       abKPld1EcMni: ee8f85fa67b56448a602527d65c01f45da

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Try logging on the guest account with an established Apple ID not yours preferably someone else's just to prove connection to iMessage as your account may be flagged and blocked on the Servers.

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