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Installing Sierra on HP z420 ( 8-core )

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Hi, I previously had an HP z800 with dual 6-core Xeons ( 12-cores total )

and I was able to get it to work with OSX Sierra just fine.

It booted and worked perfectly.

I still have the USB thumb boot drives.


So I recently purchased an HP z420.

I want to install OSX Sierra.

But the thumb drives dont work. I get a CPU Panic.


The thumb drives I have worked with HP z400 with 6-core xeon and z800 with dual 6-core xeons.

but will not work with the z420 with 8-core xeon.


Here are some photos of the error messages I am getting and the config of my thump drives.

Can someone identify why this thumb drive is failing.


Actually, I still have the SSD from my HP z800 and i tried to boot from it to with these error messages.


Please see photos.







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