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No NVRam on my Asus Z97 Pro Gamer with Opencore

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I have a nearly perfect running OC (0.6.0) EFI for my Z97. The only problem I have is, that this Board doesn´t support to write to nvram what I´ve found in the net. Now I have the NVram Emulation active. The nvram.plist is written to EFI as it should. But on reboot OpenCore seems to ignore it. nvram -p does not print the Values which are in the nvram.plist File. The LogoutHook Command is properly installed. Any ideas? I attached my EFI.


Ah and a strange thing is that my Sys-HD is named "Hackintosh". In the OC BootPicker its named "Untitled". ?



Asus Z97 Pro Gamer.zip

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Hello I have an Asus Z97k and similar issue. NVRAM doesn’t work, eg Opencore doesn’t remember what partition it booted from last and Mac OS can’t pick a partition to reboot from in system preferences. 


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Pickup the Clover Folder and try it on your Board. Perhaps there are only little adjustments to run it on yours. Or, who knows, it runs directly with my config. Lemme know.

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