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No NVRam on my Asus Z97 Pro Gamer with Opencore

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I have a nearly perfect running OC (0.6.0) EFI for my Z97. The only problem I have is, that this Board doesn´t support to write to nvram what I´ve found in the net. Now I have the NVram Emulation active. The nvram.plist is written to EFI as it should. But on reboot OpenCore seems to ignore it. nvram -p does not print the Values which are in the nvram.plist File. The LogoutHook Command is properly installed. Any ideas? I attached my EFI.


Ah and a strange thing is that my Sys-HD is named "Hackintosh". In the OC BootPicker its named "Untitled". ?



Asus Z97 Pro Gamer.zip

Hello I have an Asus Z97k and similar issue. NVRAM doesn’t work, eg Opencore doesn’t remember what partition it booted from last and Mac OS can’t pick a partition to reboot from in system preferences. 


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