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  1. Could be that your IP´s are somewhere blacklisted. My Server refreshed the Blacklists every 6 Hours from official Lists. Try to reconnect to get another IP. Sorry, more I can´t do.
  2. Thx. That would be nice. The French which is included now is from Google. ^^ MainMenu.strings
  3. These option is already included. Go into Prefs und look at right bottom. There you can exclude kexts from download/check. Excluding Clover is added in 2.5.2 which I will release soon.
  4. It doesn' directly check a folder. KU gets the loaded Kexts with the "kextstat" command. That means it doesn't know from what location the kext was loaded. It only sees "It's loaded".
  5. Hmm. If you switched off the chime the user wouldn´t notified. Good suggestion. Will include it in the next update. EDIT: Released yesterday and included it.
  6. Sascha_77

    Sleep Problems with Z97-UD5H-BK

    Boot stops here ....
  7. Hi Folx. My Z97-UD5H-BK has problems with sleep. Hiberatemode is already "0" and the sleepimage is 0 byte unwritable. If I put it to sleep its turning on again after a few seconds. Displays stay in Standby and wake up if I press a Keyboard- or Mousekey. I removed a connected USB-Hub and BT-Dongle to check if one of these is responsible for turning on again. But negative. Problem persists. Perhaps someone can have look at my DSDT or config.plist? I attached my EFI Folder. Additionaly here are the logged Wake Reasons: z97-ud5h-bk.zip
  8. Everyone who is using V 2.3.2 please update to latest Version!!!
  9. Don´t know. Never seen before. You are the first with this Problem. From where you start it?
  10. Thanks. This Line helped me Fatal error: Unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value Here is 2.2.1 with a fix (by the way .. .Mount Problems under Mojave and 10.13.6 Beta are fixed too): https://bitbucket.org/profdrluigi/kextupdater/downloads/
  11. Strange. Which Version you are using?
  12. That was the Source Code you downloaded (for compiling in XCode)! If you want a ready Release here you go ... https://bitbucket.org/profdrluigi/kextupdater/downloads/