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  1. Sascha_77

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    The same here with my 1150. Can´t get the Kext to work with Sierra. Tried different ID´s. No Success. Please implement ID1 again.
  2. Sascha_77

    Atheros 9K Series ROM Modding Tools And Recovery Kit

    Hey Folx. I have an AR5BHB92. This one is normally not working in (for example) a Thinkpad T430. There is a whitelist in the BIOS. Flashing with Software is not possible because of a digital signature. Now I rebranded the Atheros (168c,002a) to an Intel brand which was original in the Laptop (8086,0891) to bypass the Whitelist. But thats not enough. The SubID must be changed too. Forgot that. I have a Backup of the original rom. But no flash tool (under Linux and Windows) can write to the card now because of changed VID und PID. Is there a way to put the FakeID´s into the original Atheros-Drivers? I used the Softwarebundle from the first Post and modified here and there but no chance. For example changing with a HexEditor the value "168C" to "8086" in the Binary from "atheros_eeprom_tool" It says the flash was successfull (after selecting the right device from the pulldown menu) but there was no change to the card. Any Idea to get my "Brick" back? By the way ... Reading out the card works with the method above. Only writing failed. And if anyone asks how the Card should work after rebranding ... I use it in a Hackintosh. And with OS X its relative easy to fake the VID/PID via Injctor-Kexts. Its recognized as AppleAirport Card at the end. But unfortunately there is no way to flash under OS X.
  3. I solved the problem with 100% fan Speed of the nVidia Card by using their Webdriver. I simply installed the latest FakeSMC with all 4 plugins in /S/L/E and now I see a lot of sensors more as before. Including GPU. And the fan keeps quiet. I´m using the Ozmosis BIOS. The FakeSMC inside this one doesn´t recognize all Sensors of my System.
  4. I´m using a Hackintosh i7 4790K (Gigabyte Board with Ozmosis BIOS) with 10.10.4 and a Asus Striker GTX 760 ROG. After installing the nVidia webdriver the GPU fan is running full speed after a few Seconds after the Desktop is booted up. Any idea? With the orig. Apple Drivers there is no Problem.
  5. Sascha_77

    QE/CI Exotic Patch for Mavericks (ATI 48xx Gfx)

    Hm there is an extra AMD4600.... kext. There is no Patch around. I think you need this ... but without patch? Looks not good. I tried the Patch for the 4600-kext but no success. Perhaps its better to buy a supported card? The 4890 for example. You should get one cheap at ebay.
  6. Sascha_77

    QE/CI Exotic Patch for Mavericks (ATI 48xx Gfx)

    @ emwe & ham4ever Whats the Vendor- and Device ID of your Gfx card? You can find it in the Systemprofiler. In my case its 1002 + 9460. Look at my Screenshot. If you tell me your ID´s I could have a look if these IDßs are present in the Kexts and cann add it if not.
  7. Sascha_77

    10.9.3: QE/CI Patch for 48xx Cards

    Hi folx. Added my patch in the Download-Section. Have fun. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/242-qeci-exotic-patch-for-mavericks/
  8. Version 10.9.3


    Here is my patch for 10.9.3. Have fun.
  9. Sascha_77

    QE/CI Patch Collection

    The patches are for Graphic-Cards of the ATI Radeon 48xx Series which are not official supported by Apple. The Patches are for flashed PC-Cards to get them work properly in OSX. For example I have a flashed Sapphire 4890HD.
  10. Hi Folx. I decided to collect the whole QECI-Patches for the ATI 48xx Cards an a website. The address is: http://qeci.sl-soft.de
  11. Sascha_77

    QE/CI Patch for 10.9.2

    Hi Folx. Added my QE/CI Patch for 10.9.2 to Downloads. Have phun.
  12. Version 10.9.2


    Hi folx. Here is my Patch for 10.9.2. Have fun.
  13. Sascha_77

    QE_CI Patch for 10.9.1

    Don´t think so. If you have problems in the past with that you only can hope that Apple is fixing something in the Driver itself. This patch here unlocks the Gfx-Card-ID only and it behaves like an original Apple-Gfx-Card (4870 for example).
  14. Sascha_77

    QE_CI Patch for 10.9.1

    Hi folx. I Patched the 2 kext´s and its running fine on my MacPro 1,1. Here is my Installer-Package. Have phun. Credits and thx go to netkas as always. QECI Exotic Patch for 10.9.1.zip