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Post Installation - GA-H97M Intel I7 4790, RX 590 8GB


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Hi All, I've been testing Big Sur and here's what i've found:


What Works:

Wifi/Bluetooth (Broadcom 20702B0)

Graphics (Full Acceleration)

Audio (Although sometimes only works out of left speaker)

Most apps I used through Catalina still work.


What doesn't:

A few cosmetic artefacts (Missing icons, unable to view notification centre if i click the clock)

Chrome refuses to shut down, I have to force close it every-time I want to shut down the computer

No Apple Store, no iMessage



It does what it says on the tin, It's a developers beta so please only use it as a backup. I'm using it as a daily driver because I stupidly wiped my Catalina installation (don't ask lol) It's fine and I can use it for basic tasks but I daren't try my luck with it. I enjoy the new UI, the new control centre is nice and the seamless IOS style notifications are nice as well. 


How I did it:

1 Took a pre-built image of OS11

2. Updated my OpenCore using a Z390 Big Sur build

3. Cloned this image to an external drive

4. Booted into the external drive and cloned back to my original HDD

5. Please don't make the same mistake I did, make sure you've got a special big sur partition you can use for testing

6. Clone the external drive back to your internal HDD

7. Step 6 is optional and only recommended if you have an SSD for an internal and HDD for external. I wanted Big Sur running off my SSD so it was less laggy. 


My inbox is open if you have questions, need help etc. I'll try and put a comprehensive guide together soon.







Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 16.08.12.png

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