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  1. If i remember correctly, I had to go through all the catalina betas before Big Sur showed as a download. It didn't take too long at least. Maybe others were able to just get it straight away
  2. So i'm not sure if this is happening to anyone else running Big Sur but i'm finding the functionality decreasing with each passing day I am unable to do anything but get into chrome. I can't open anything else without it crashing. I can't even watch a youtube video. When i first booted into it everything practically worked to some degree. Possible causes: 1. The most obvious - It's a developers beta so instability is its middle name 2. Dodgy HDD image that i used 3. OpenCore/EFI although I think this is the least likely since I haven't changed anything since I booted in for the first time Curious to get your thoughts on this. Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm on day 3 now
  3. Has anyone managed to boot into a USB installer in OpenCore yet? All i get is a looping set of text and it wont go further. Something about com.apple.security cannot be found. I have a hunch its SIP related but I have no idea how to get into the recovery partition to turn it off. I was reading @Zhen-zen's guide but I think thats only for people who can begin the install within Catalina if i'm not mistaken.
  4. Hi All, I've been testing Big Sur and here's what i've found: What Works: Wifi/Bluetooth (Broadcom 20702B0) Graphics (Full Acceleration) Audio (Although sometimes only works out of left speaker) Most apps I used through Catalina still work. What doesn't: A few cosmetic artefacts (Missing icons, unable to view notification centre if i click the clock) Chrome refuses to shut down, I have to force close it every-time I want to shut down the computer No Apple Store, no iMessage Conclusions: It does what it says on the tin, It's a developers beta so please only use it as a backup. I'm using it as a daily driver because I stupidly wiped my Catalina installation (don't ask lol) It's fine and I can use it for basic tasks but I daren't try my luck with it. I enjoy the new UI, the new control centre is nice and the seamless IOS style notifications are nice as well. How I did it: 1 Took a pre-built image of OS11 2. Updated my OpenCore using a Z390 Big Sur build 3. Cloned this image to an external drive 4. Booted into the external drive and cloned back to my original HDD 5. Please don't make the same mistake I did, make sure you've got a special big sur partition you can use for testing 6. Clone the external drive back to your internal HDD 7. Step 6 is optional and only recommended if you have an SSD for an internal and HDD for external. I wanted Big Sur running off my SSD so it was less laggy. My inbox is open if you have questions, need help etc. I'll try and put a comprehensive guide together soon.
  5. 1. Attach and identify the source disk:diskutil list 2. Unmount the source disk:diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk2 3. note the numbers of the source disk and the destination disk. 4. sudo dd if=/dev/diskX of=/dev/diskY bs=32 X is the source disk and Y is the destination disk
  6. Yeah i'd download clover configurator and it does most of the legwork for you. Just mount your EFI, open your config.plist, select SMBios and where the double arrows are, click MacMini7,1 and click save. I've attached an example .
  7. Ok So luckily you've got the same motherboard this EFI was built for. 1. Take the attached EFI and replace your own with it (Don't forget to make a backup of yours on the desktop) EFI.zip 2. Replace the config.plist with your own config.plist that you backed up 3. Open in ProperTree, press Shift,Command,R and select the OC folder. This aligns your Config.plist with the new EFI I attached. If you don't do this, you might get Kernel Panic from missing kexts etc 4.make the following additions under NVRAM: booter-fileset-baseystem, data, <00> booter-fileset-kernel data, <00> (Don't forget to put these additions in the Delete ->7C436110AB >1 and 2 as well This puts the bootloader into kext compatibility mode 4. Save changes and attempt reboot 5. At this point you *should* boot up normally. Let me know how it goes
  8. Ooh this sounds like a connector issue perhaps? Maybe try other ports on the graphics card? failing that i'd check you're running on compatibility mode (see my above bootloader screenshot) and you have the latest lilu and whatever green loaded as well. This happened with me and it turned out it was injecting the wrong port
  9. I honestly couldn't tell you. I just used the kexts in the EFI and made sure they were in the config.plist. They were loaded off the EFI when I booted up rather than in L/E. I tested this just now with a Realtek8111 kext. So im guessing it won't do much. What are you getting in the verbose screen? any errors? or just booting into a black desktop?
  10. Try with these bootflags and see if they work? I also noticed the screen was black for a while and I had to wait and then the apple logo appeared and I booted in.
  11. So I used the efi provided in that Z390 Big Sur OpenCore folder (0.6) And then I used the config.plist that I built using the OpenCore Tutorials for my machine. This Z390 Efi folder had all the latest supported kexts and opencore. The only thing I changed was the Config file. I've attached the EFI here EFI.zip
  12. No it won't give you an issues since OC can handle an already installed Big Sur in compatibility mode. I tried with the installer just to see, the apple logo loaded halfway and then it got stuck in a loop.
  13. Hey Guys, I managed to get Big Sur working. Here's how I did it (Shout out to all the devs working on this, by the way) 1. Downloaded the MacOS11 pre-built dmg from the russian applelife.ru forum 2. Downloaded the prebuilt big sur Open Core bootloader (from a subreddit) (Z390 I believe) 3. Replaced the config in the prebuilt OC folder with my own (Since the existing config.plist wouldn't have been compatible with mine) 4. I opened my config in proper tree, used the cmd+shift+r to adapt it to the prebuilt folders (Kexts, drivers etc) and then added the bootloader 5. I added the booter args to my own config so OC boots into kext compatibility mode 6. I cloned the russian Big sur dmg to an external hard drive using terminal 7. I booted into OC and selected the external drive "Test" 8. I was able to boot into big sur no issues 9. I then cloned this complete install of Big Sur back to my original Catalina SSD and was able to boot no problem. Key Takeaways I strongly recommend using your config.plist as its specific to your machine. Using someone else's will rarely work Let me know if you need help, clarification. This method worked for me but who's to say it might work for you EDIT: I forgot to mention, you need to set the SMBios to iMac19,1 and generate a serial etc. I haven't tired MacPro7,1. That might work too