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Updating Big Sur Beta & Final Releases?

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Hi There,


Apologies in advance - I’m not a “MacGenie” or expert in this stuff, but I am very interested.

So I have a 2014 MacBook Air and 2012 MacBook Pro. I followed apostmi’s guide on the BigSurPatcher subreddit for my 2014 MBA (all I did was just download and install the pkg file he linked and successfully installed Beta 1 of Big Sur).

Since my 2014 MBA qualifies for the official upgrade, did I mess up by installing the pkg installer? Or will I be able to download the official final version from the App Store when it launches?

Also: For my 2012 MBP, since it doesn’t make the official cut, for each beta build, will I need to reinstall the entire OS and reinstall all my apps and files for the 2nd beta build and so on? And when the official release drops and a Big Sur Patcher launches, will the OS need to be fully reinstalled fresh?

Then, after the Big Sur Patcher is released and I use it to download the final version of it, do I use it to download future security updates and do these require a fresh reinstalling every time?

Again, sorry for all the questions. I just couldn’t find much information about it. Thank you.

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This is more of a Hackintosh (OSX on the normal PC)  forum, google "Big Sur on unsupported Macs" you'll find forum for real Mac users. 

As for your questions, Big Sur is now a developers beta meaning you'll be able to upgrade for each new version with Software Update app on your supported Mac when you subscribe, it will keep updating even when customer version release. You can than either stay on Beta progam or fresh install normal version. On your unsupported Mac every update will throw an error, and you won't be able to update. You would have to spoof installer that you're running it on newer supported machine every time. 

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