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No Bluetooth /usb3 -->X99

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Big Problem.., My Hack can not recognize my USB3 and no Bluetooth ....

I'm on High Sierra 10.13.6  (max with my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 CG 4070 MB)

My Setup

- Rampage V + 5820K config  

- 32G Ram

- GeForce GTX 970

- full of HD ssd :)

I am attaching my config.plist! and print my ktext screen ( I have to clean my room...)


Thank you for your help !!



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      Hello guys!
      I have a Asus Zenbook with the following characteristics:
      Model: ASUS Zenbook UX310UQ
      CPU: Intel Core i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz
      IGPU: Intel HD Graphics 620
      RAM: 8GBx2 => 16GB RAM Bus 2133
      Wifi: Replaced with DW1560.
      Clover: Clover 5120
      OS: 10.15.6
      Storage: SSD Crucial 500GB
      Everything works fine!

      I have the WiFi/Bluetooth chipset DW1560 (DCM20702A) and a Logitech K380 Keyboard and magic mouse. My Hackintosh is sleeping fine only problem is that it won't wake from sleep on key presses. I already tested this USB port with a normal keyboard and the result was that it wakes up my Hackintosh on key presses. And in system settings the Bluetooth wake option is enabled, too.
      Has someone an idea where the problem could be or which additional settings I have to verify?
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      i install mac Catalina osx but can't boot without fake intel inject. And no audio or wifi. Can you help to make my clover config please
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      Hello everyone,
      I would like to know how to transfer (downgrade) the bluetooth module from Sierra to High Sierra.
      On my iMac 2011, equipped with a bluetooth 4 dongle, I have three partitions: one with Sierra, one with High Sierra and one with Catalina (patch).
      There is no way or program to connect High Sierra with the iPhone via bluetooth, while with Sierra and Catalina there are no problems.
      After many unsuccessful attempts (I tried all the methods found on Google), I decided to try to transfer the Sierra bluetooth drivers to High Sierra, but I don't know which files should be moved.
      Can anyone more experienced than me help me?
    • By Flavio1989
      Hello everyone.

      I hope you’re all having a good day.

      I’m trying to do a clean install on MacOS Catalina 10.15.5. But I’ve not been able to even boot into the USB installer.

      My System Specs are:
      _ASUS X99 Deluxe II
      _intel i7 6950X Broadwell-E
      _AMD RX 5700 XT Anniversary edition
      _128GB of DDR4 RAM @ 2400MHz
      _ASUS Thunderbolt Card
      _Bootloader Clover r5119 (latest version)
      _The drive I’m trying to install to is a NMVE Samsung 950 Pro

      I’ve been trying for a couple of days as I was having some issues relating to the Memory Fix (AptioMemoryFix). But I solved those by changing the FakeCPU in my config.plst. I actually don’t know if it was that that fixed it since it’s together with a million other things I tried including trying to change boot loader to OpenCore. For now I prefer Clover.

      Now the boot process is going quite a bit further but I’m having some Kernel Panics and reboots at the point shown in the picture. I tried googling the issue before bothering this forum and several things but no luck yet.

      To troubleshoot the issue I’m currently doing the following steps:
      _I disconnected all not essential drives, I only have the target drive plugged in
      _I removed all the PCI-e Cards other than the GPU.
      _I Used all the suggested BIOS setting (no OC or other extra)
      _Left only 2 modules of RAM out of 8 in the correct slots (per MOBO manufacturer Manual)
      _ALL external peripherals are disconnected. Just my monitor, keyboard and mouse
      _the monitor is connected to the GPU via HDMI
      _Plug the USB Installer into a USB2 port, and even creating another installer on a spare drive and connecting internally via SATA

      I have a MacBook Pro where I can modify the EFI folder and do the necessary changes.

      I must point out that the Hack was working amazingly for the past 3+ years with a GTX 980 Ti (last working OS High Sierra). Since I was having issue in booting into the installer from the start I ditched the old EFI folder and build a new one

      I’m attaching the photo of my Kernel Boot and my EFI Folder.

      If anyone can help me I’ll be very grateful. I bet it’s an extremely stupid fix I overlooked due to being tired.

      Thanks in advance