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X570 3xMatisse Controller - Sleep issue - maybe kext has to be developed?


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I have installed Catalina 10.15.4 on my hardware with OpenCore. It was interesting and in the end successful.

There is just one problem, that hurts me a lot. Sleep is not working properly.

Whenever I click the "hibernate" button, the computer tries to go to sleep. After round about 3 minutes the blowers start spinning and the screen stays black... computer doesn't react when I press a button on keyboard or press a mouse button.


When I have no USB device attached the sleep works.


Sometimes when I start the computer I also get an Error message looking like this.


After days of researching I was wondering if there will be a need for a special kext for the Controllers of the X570 Mainboard? I am no pro in changing kexts, etc... but maybe a pro from here can tell me his/her opinion?

I did rename the Controllers from XHC0, XHCO and XHC1 to XHC, XHC2 and XHCI already. But that doesn't solve the problem and I am not sure if it is really needed. Cause the computer (on my side) reacts totally the same weather I change the naming or not.




As the attachment I also uploaded my EFI folder.




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