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Help Needed. Clover EFI help for Asus K53 Sierra 10.12


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Greetings,  I had successfully after months, able to run stable 10.12.6 for the last 4 years and a half.  The other day, I got a wild hair and decided to impulsively install upgrade to High Sierra.

I read about the apfs file system, but really did not understand it as in what the issues are.  I was able to install and run it high sierra 10.13.6.  The problem was, not seeing the clover entries on boot from my USB booter.  


I learned a quite a bit.  this is not for me.  apfs.  I should have kept the sierra.  


One thing led to the next and I could not get the USB booter to work.  Files AptisMemoryFix, OsxAptioFix3Drv,  HFSPlus these files.  Having issues with exchanging them and combinations.



Needless to say, I had to wipe everything, and my backup drive died and all my backups several have failed for one reason or another.  Old years go by fast.


I have been searching for a way to create in Windows a bootable installer for Sierra 10.12.6 but have not found anything except Nireshs Hackintosh Zone version which does not

load completely.  Hangs on some driver error.  first it was Aptiodrivers, then HFSPlus, then USB, but I do not have a clover configurator for Windows7.  (really is nice to have all the good tools in Mac) GUI with Clover Configurator.  


I had posted years back about 4, my installation success guide.  I have not found it anywhere. Seems it was deleted or lost?  In there I had put files I need.  Such as config.plist, kexts, and others to share with any one who needed them. and the instructions to install.  I cannot find my guide on the forum.


If anyone can point me in the right direction, what I need is to be able to create in Windows7, USB installer w/clover mac sierra 10.12.6.  


The reason I had to install a hackintosh was because security on Windows is pretty much zero.  Even with firewall, antivirus, malware busters.  

One day I was searching something on Google, and the encryption trojan, encrypted all my files and picutures.  


I am living on an island and have taken sometime to come back to the US for family issues.  during this time I made the upgrade which did not turn out perfect but in the opposite.


I would appreciate any and all help.

thank you


My system is Asus K53BBR5 I think, it's been years since I have even done anything.  Low end Laptop.  But it's all I can afford.  

Intel Sandybrige iCore 3 2100Mhz CPU, 8 Gig Mem. Intel 6 Series/C200 , HM65 LPC Controller, Realtek ALC269Audio, AtherosGigEthernet, Atheros wifi, 

SataSSD Samsung250gig.  USBmouse, PS2Keyboard.  HD3000IntelGfx or IGFx video, with HDMI

3 Physcial USB 2.0 Ports.  Lan interface.  Camera and mic.


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