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No Signal in each reboot or shutdown with GT 430

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Hello, I was recently able to install my first Mac Sierra 10.12.6 system with a GT 430 but the problem is that when I restart or turn it on my monitor only shows "No signal".


I currently have it connected to an HDMI port.


It is very rare, I have it usable now, but if I restart or turn it off it simply does not recognize the card.


I installed the Nvidia web drivers, but when I selected to restart using the 'Nvidia web driver' it seemed to work but it showed strange and faded parts on the screen and what I do is restart normally but I am surprised if I do this if recognize my card.


This is my trick for now but it is very annoying.


It is as if it was unconfigured on every restart or shutdown.


Please help

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Geforce GT430 is an early and low-end Fermi card (based on GF108 chip) and Fermi cards tend to be poorly supported in Sierra and even worse so in High Sierra. They do not require the nVidia Web Driver and, from personal experience, using it makes no difference in Sierra/High Sierra.


I used to have a GeForce GT610 (GF119) which worked fine from ML to El Capitan in my old Dell Vostro 200 desktop. I skipped Sierra but when I installed High Sierra with this card in place, I had all sort of graphics issues: whilst I appeared to have full graphics acceleration, mouse cursor would disappear unless set to very awkward max. size and waking the computer from sleep would freeze the entire system. See here for details.


If you search the Web and/or Hackintosh forums for GT430 related matters, you'll find quite a lot of existing literature. This thread is one of many examples. A lot of them tell stories of trouble...


Ideally, replace your GT430 with a cheap Kepler card like a GK208-based GeForce GT710/GT720/GT730. We're talking budget under 50 USD/EUR here. These are fully supported OOB in Sierra and up to current Catalina. But before you consider that, you can always see if your build wouldn't work better with further tuning, like a different SMBIOS for instance or graphics properties injection in DSDT and/or Clover config.


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