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Issue With Haswell HDMI Audio.no output

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My computer was using Intel core i5-4210u ,My computer was using Intel core i5-4210u ,Sound card is cx20751/2,I use applealc inject id=3 successfully drive my onboard soundcard,but I found that HDMI Output is still no sound,how can i deal with it?

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HDMI audio requires patching of the Azul FB in order to inject HDMI connector type 0008 0000 to the relevant output port.

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    • By Tristana
      Hello, and thank you for your help!
      Ever since installing my new Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX580, I've been having issues with audio freezing up for the whole system- seemingly the coreaudiod process crashing / my USB audio interface not working. It feels random but seems to correlate with playing youtube videos, streaming audio in Finder, playing sound files from chat clients like Telegram/Discord and such. The system otherwise works as normal, with only audio related functions breaking. Sometimes instead of a full freeze / crash, the sample rate of audio will just drop significantly, causing a lot of aliasing.
      I followed this guide here, though it is outdated and some KEXTs have been merged with WhateverGreen. The shikigva=4 & -rad4200 boot arguments weren't available in WhateverGreen so I didn't add any boot arguments.
      My issue was not fixed by this. I also learned that USBInjectAll hadn't been given a custom SSDT and so I made one, which I have included at the end of this post. I also disabled the 15 port patch which had been left on. My USB ports now show up properly (though I've excluded my mobo's type-c port to meet the 15 port limit). My audio issues still have not been fixed, though.

      On High Sierra, the crash was irrecoverable- opening sound in system prefs just froze up, and I have to reset the system to get audio back. In Catalina, I seem to be able to choose a different audio device then go back to my external interface to reset the driver and get sound back.

      Thank you for any help / ideas you can offer!

      UPDATE: Issue still persists. I'm now using a USBPorts.kext created by Hackintool and have updated my list of current kexts below.



    • By Kailash
      I successfully managed to install Hackintosh on my Lenovo Ideapad 520 but now I don't have audio, brightness control feature or battery indicator. My audio driver is an ALC230. I am new to all this. What do I do to solve this? I have attached my EFI files below.
    • By bread.io
      Hey everyone!
      Got my first build up and running a few days ago, and while almost everything works perfectly, I'm experiencing some odd sound quality issues. I'm currently listening to my audio through the 3.5mm jack on the front of my case. The sound quality sporadically jumps from being muffled to clear and is also a bit staticky.
      I've dug into a number of different scenarios that sound similar to mine, but I hoped that someone here might be able to give me more clarity.
      Here's a sample of the issue: https://clyp.it/xyfxysf2
      Config.plist: https://pastebin.com/BStEGbpe
      My hardware:
      CPU: Intel i9 9900k
      GPU: Radeon 5700 XT OC
      RAM: Corsair ddr4 32GB (2x16)
      Motherboard: Z390 Designare LGA1151
      Any help is really appreciated!

    • By rahulmangla19
      HDMI Audio not working only screen is showing.
      Send me aadis-MacBook-Pro.zip

    • By znmacc
      It's so damn annoying that the DisplayPort  keeps showing in audio output, I do not attach audio speaker on LCD and LCD has no build-in small speakers, I don't want to hear anything from DP too
      How can I disable DisplayPort Audio? AppleHDAEngineOutputDP, inside AppleHDA, it needs to be disabled somehow.
      Ioexplorer method is possible? see attach the picture. the same question asked but no one gives a {censored}, I am not the original poster but share the same pain.  most ppl ask how to get them, but in fact, some need them to be gone~