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USB3 only works AFTER wake

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Hey all,


This is the opposite of a lot of other peoples problems!


For me USB ports (ASRock Z390 Phantom mITX) work for USB devices all the time. USB3 devices don't work when I boot until AFTER I sleep and then wake again; then everything works fine.


Any idea how to get them working straight after boot/login?



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    • By Poirot
      I have a Vanilla Catalina issue….with a different twist.  Installation/upgrade went fine, just took a loooooooong time as I was working from a cloned Mojave external USB hard drive.  Boots just fine, and all my apps seem happy.  Here lies the twist....Sleep/wake.  It will sleep and stay asleep just fine.  The issue is with waking up:

      Under Clover with FakeSMC, it would wake, but not accept my password. ??????  Ok, its clover....
      Under Clover 0.5.5 with VitrualSMC, it would wake, but with no video signal/crash.  Again, its clover...
      Under OpenCore 0.5.5 with VirtualSMC, it would wake, but with no video signal/crash, and no crash log.
      Under OpenCore 0.5.5 with FakeSMC, it sleeps, it wakes,....and accepts my password!!!!   Only once.  The next time it went to sleep, it would wake, but not accept my password.  HUH??????
      Kinda strange.  For the most part I have just stuck with Mojave.  I was waiting for the next build of OC, but I may just use OC builder myself and see if the latest solves any issue, as I see there have been quite a few updates to the project.  In the mean time…..suggestions?  I have attached an image of the efi.
      Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme
      Intel 9900K, stuck @ 4.9Ghz
      Sapphire RX590 Nitro+
      Corsair AX1200i
      32GB Corsair Dominator Ram
      Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL

    • By John Wilde
      Salve, chiedo aiuto con il mio primo hackintosh!
      E’ stata ardua ma son riuscito grazie a varie guide a sistemare piano piano il tutto. 
      Purtroppo l’unica cosa che ancora non sono riuscito a sistemare è lo sleep. 
      Se premo Stop, nel laptop si oscura soltanto lo schermo, e appena premo un tasto o muovo il mouse, compare il logo del caricamento e subito dopo il desktop.
      Ho letto che va patchato il DSDT, non ne sono sicuro, ma per lo sleep non so proprio come fare. L’unica patch che ho fatto al DSDT è stato per l’audio.
      Inoltre, un altra cosa che non vanno sono i tasti per la luminosità. La luminosità riesco a impostarla dalle impostazioni, quindi andrebbero solo rimappati i tasti..
      Per il resto va tutto, la scheda video nvidia mi pare di aver letto che non è compatibile, ma mi basta la intel. La scheda di rete che monto è un AR9565 (lo so che non è delle migliori, ma funziona bene al momento, magari la cambierò in seguito). La configurazione credo sia un pò sporca, probabilmente molte opzioni sono del tutto inutili, ma ripeto è il mio primo hackintosh..
      Se qualche anima pia mi vuole aiutare a sistemarla un pò ben venga, tuttavia ciò che mi interessa principalmente è lo sleep..

      Allego Cartella Clover, IoReg e cartella Origin.
      All’interno della cartella Patched ci sta gia un dsdt modificato per l’audio, a cui ho aggiunto solo l’IRQ fix, ma non ricordo se ho aggiunto altre cose nel tentativo vano di sistemare lo sleep, quindi prendete il tutto con le pinze.
      Grazie mille in anticipo a chiunque provi ad aiutarmi!
      John’s iMac.ioreg.zip
    • By nrudnyk
      As per title, after macOS go to sleep, manually or due to any other event - I can't wake it up.
      I used script written by `black.dragon74` to generate debug info, so maybe someone can help to figure out where to look\what to do. 
      Any help is greatly appreciated.
    • By rxfx
      So I’ve been working at trying to get the wifey’s [HP Envy Recline 23-k310 All-in-One]’s display to properly wake from sleep for months now. I’m kinda at my wits end; It’s probably something so simple and I’m overthinking it.
      The computer sleeps properly, but when it wakes, I get no display (no backlight either). The keyboard and peripherals seem to work after wake; able to key in the passcode/password and sound works when I use the volume up/down buttons. But I get absolutely no display. I’ve done 3 other successful hackintoshes (though, none had any dGPUs/eGPUs). But I’m somewhat confident that I’ve disabled the Nvidia Optimus (NVIDIA GeForce 830A)/N15S-GM) I couldn’t find any _ini when I poll the SSDT’s and no signs of Nvidia In System Report, Hackintosh, or IOReg. It’s disabled via the Frame Buffer patch in clover (I use 0x0D220003 for platform ID. I definitely have the Lilu and Whatevergreen kexts in L/E. I’ve tried a plethora of Clover settings, changing SMBIOS’s, darkwake bootflags, and AppleBacklightfixup.kext in both Clover/Kexts and L/E to no avail. Power management has been set using the Pike R. Alpha ssdtPRGen implementation. I’ve gone through and setup the proper SSDTs for the USB patching. Besides adding the HDMI audio output patch (which I don’t use/or have anything plugged into since its an AIO), everything else works on point. But…
      “Help me Obi-Wan[’s], you’re my only hope!!”
      I’ve attached an “Error Report.zip” including an IOReg report, config.plist, and a generated report form black.dragon74’s tool. I would love any recommendations or possible fixes/files/patches to these files to resolve this issue that has been stumping me for months.
      HP Envy Recline 23-k310 AIO
      Intel i3-4330T
      Intel HD Graphics 4400
      8GB 1600 MHz RAM
      Intel H87 Chipset [HP/Quanta Laurel2-1G mainboard]
      macOS Catalina 10.15.3 (with iMac 14,3 SMBIOS)
      Error Report.zip