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Vega installation guide

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I just updated from RX 580 8GB to MSI Vega 56/64 reference card (dual bios!) . My system is rather old: smbios iMac 13.2 with ga-z77x ud5h / i7 3770K / 16GB RAM.

I have in in my CLOVER/kexts the latest Lilu.kext and WhateverGreen.kext. These were enough for RX 580...

BUT with VEGA there was not QE/CI - no acceleration !!!

I found a preveious version of my EFI which enabled the acceleration, The difference is in Clover/Boot/Boot Arguments now: "shikigva=4", and "-rad4200" Also there is Clover/Graphics "RadeonDelnit" is checked !  That's all !

Now it seems that the card is working well, but I do not understand these setttings. 


PLEASE explain what does mean the values of "shikigva" (why 4) ? What is " -rad4200" ? Also help me when do I need the "RadeonDelnit" ?

However, the card is now working but may be the setting are not perfect...  Please help me in this setting, because this card is not very cheap, and I wish to have an optimal setting for my new VEGA card.   


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