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    VoodooHDA 2.9.1

    I use in Mojave voodoo 2.9.0 V-12 sound, which works fine!!! BUT ! there is no rear(green) stereo output. How can I add this output? The present selectable outputs are good, but I wish to add one more. Unfortunately I have no 7.1 speaker for the computer, just home theatre for the room. (the SPDIF out works fine!) What are available now: 1. 7.1CH (green+orange+black+grey REAR) 2. headphone (green FRONT). THIS IS WHAT I WISH TO ADD TO REAR TOO! 3. 6 kind of digital-out for HDMI 4. 2 kinds of SPDIF-out My config: Ga-x77z-ud5h (ALC 898) +i7 3770K+RX580+16 GB ram I DO hope that someone can help me ... I never used voodoo sound before, but for Mojave I could not find other solution ... THANK YOU !!!! Other questions: If I use the voodooHDA then can I remove from the clover kexts the RealtekALC.kext and Lilu.kext? There are also some patches in config.plist /kext patches which are concern to AppleHDA. Do I remove or disable them? Thank you!
  2. So I am looking the solution for 1., Why can not update my 4222 clover without this rebooting - rebooting circle .... 2., If I install the latest clover (with the same kexts, and config.plist for the same system) why do I loose my WIFI hardware....
  3. When I tried to update the 4222 clover to the latest I've got reboot circle.... I dont know why...
  4. I made a new “clean” 10.13.3 install following 100 % Criss's latest guide, because I understood there is some confusion in my previous EFI. The WIFI problem not solved unfortunately. BUT, what is further more interesting when I applied the new “clean” EFI to my fully working 10.13.1, the WIFI has gone! So, I think there is a “wifi killer” setting in this EFI ! When I changed back to the previous EFI, the WIFI came back . I tried to copy the kexts to and fro, also the complete clover folder, but no solution . So, the problem is not about the “required new patch” but about the EFI setting. I kindly ask you to help me find out what cause this absurd WIFI situation. The working clover is 4222 version, the new is 4411 version… I can use the working 4222, BUT, I can not update to 10.13.3 because the install goes to a reboot circle…. The new clover allows the update BUT, no WIFI…. THIS IS really crazy situation… I do not sleep for three days…. PLEASE ! PLEASE ! I enclose the two version of EFI help me find out where is the WIFI killer setting. As I told, the same system (10.13.1) has WIFI with one EFI (EFI_WIFI) , but no WIFI with the other (New_EFI) . https://www.dropbox.com/s/7sh8ugdl6reloio/EFI%20_WIFI.zip?dl=0. this is the fully working (but not upgradeable EFI) https://www.dropbox.com/s/fnue78ba0e39nt4/New_EFI.zip?dl=0. (this is the upgradeable, but "WIFI killer" EFI) hardware: HP ProBook 6460b / i7 2760 QM / 8GB RAM / HD3000 / 1366x768 / BCM 943224HMS / WEBcam
  5. I have a fully working HP-6460b with 10.13.1. For safety sake I made a clone drive for the 10.13.3. I could not update to 13.3, because it was always rebooted !!! The EFI is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d34g3a8uxjrb1n2/EFI_13.1.zip?dl=0 the other problem is with this EFI, I could not update the clover, because it caused reboot requences again ! So, I made a new EFI, https://www.dropbox.com/s/viruxewplu2qbck/EFI_13-3.zip?dl=0 which was able to update to 13.3 without rebooting problem. BUT ! In the 13.3 updated system my WIFI (BCM913224 HMS) is not working (hardware not found...) I tried to fix it dring a week but I could not fix it and not found any solution. I think 13.3 may need a new patch for my WIFI card... I am going to crazy, PLEASE help me if there is any solution. I think for the EFI problem there is a sure solution, so please also help me to understand which EFI should be proper for me. Otherwise almost everything is working: audio, sleep, eSata, USB 2 (USB3 not, but I think this model can not use USB3), WEBCAM, card reader (if firewire is not allowed in BIOS) , firewire (if card reader is not allowed in BIOS) .... Not working/not tried : WWAN (Ericson F5521) - I don't know how to install.... My detailed specification: HP-6460b / CPU: i7 2760 QM (2.4 Ghz,4/8 core,6M cache,45W) RAM 8GB, screen: 1366x768, webcam, 256 SSD + 1TB HD (in DVD slot) WIFI: BCM913224 HMS WWAN: Ericson F5521 I think many other may problem with bcm943224hms with 10.13.3 ! I can not change the WIFI card, because of this model whitelist problem !
  6. On 10.12.3. + FCPX 3D title + nVidia web driver : After rendering the title it is disapearing ! On 10.12.3 + FCPX 3 D title + OS driver: it is working ! So, it seems definitely the problem with the version of THIS web driver ! Under El Capitan everything is OK in any combinations. I am waiting to the bug-free, new nVidia WENDRIVER ! config: GA-Z77X - UD5H + i7 3770K + GTX 780 + 16 GB I also tried with FCPX 10.3.1, and 10.3.2 the result is the same ... , so the problem is with the webdriver ! As it is working with OS X driver, it shows me that there is a bug around of open CL capability ...
  7. Hi my friend! Unfortunately the "E6320 zip" file is corrupt. - I tried several time to download but was not possible to open it (expand). Can you send it to me or re-upload to a place where it can be download without error? It is very very important file I think. Please help us with it. Otherhand it is a nice guide. Thank you! That file is needed very much for the post-install... As I see - from your explanation it has a config plist and very important kexts/ other clover adjustments... Until: can I use the settings from the clover guide for yosemitte? That link is working... Hoping your quick reply! Thank you!
  8. szzs

    GA H81M-HD3

    The used Extra and the kexts: https://www.mediafir...hhu1gdsup462wlf
  9. szzs

    GA H81M-HD3

    The basic config: Gigabyte GA H81M-HD3 / Gigabyte GTX650 (1 GB RAM) / i3 4330 / HDD /DVD 1., Make a MyHack install USB 2., disable in BIOS the internal GPU 3., use only USB 2 sockets during the install ! on the first boot add: "GraphicsEnabler=No" (for this VGA card) 4., after setting the OSX, install the MyHack chameleon to the latest chameleon (with chameleon wizard) 5., repair the error/warnings/remark of the original dsdt (mine enclosed, but may alter from yours as BIOS version...) 6., use patches of Audio/LAN/USB 3 (enclosed) Use in extra and in S/L/E minimal kexts just what is required! Should everything work !!! Enjoy!
  10. szzs

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    SIGMATEL Stac 9200 - NO MIC My laptop is a Packard Bell Easy Note (Intel T5200/950/SIGMATEL Stac 9200....) I used AppleHDA patch 1.6 and tried ALL the sigmatel 9200 / Stac txt, but I have only audio out! In the system preferences the Internal Built-in Mic is mentioned as "no input control"... So there is no input in the built in mic nether through jack-input... Also there is no WEBcam... May the two thing connected?
  11. HI FRIENDS, I have the same problem / question: Is there anyone who could install ox86 10.4.8 on ABIT AB9PRO. If so, please let us know HOW? I have an other sys (older: ASUS p5B /chipset 865) which goes without problem, but the new 965 ch.set or rather the new SATA DVD solution does not. Has anyone experience to boot from a USB HDD? Or is there any other trick(s)? Fast repply highly appreciated !