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  1. So I am looking the solution for 1., Why can not update my 4222 clover without this rebooting - rebooting circle .... 2., If I install the latest clover (with the same kexts, and config.plist for the same system) why do I loose my WIFI hardware....
  2. When I tried to update the 4222 clover to the latest I've got reboot circle.... I dont know why...
  3. I made a new “clean” 10.13.3 install following 100 % Criss's latest guide, because I understood there is some confusion in my previous EFI. The WIFI problem not solved unfortunately. BUT, what is further more interesting when I applied the new “clean” EFI to my fully working 10.13.1, the WIFI has gone! So, I think there is a “wifi killer” setting in this EFI ! When I changed back to the previous EFI, the WIFI came back . I tried to copy the kexts to and fro, also the complete clover folder, but no solution . So, the problem is not about the “required new patch” but about the EFI setting. I kindly ask you to help me find out what cause this absurd WIFI situation. The working clover is 4222 version, the new is 4411 version… I can use the working 4222, BUT, I can not update to 10.13.3 because the install goes to a reboot circle…. The new clover allows the update BUT, no WIFI…. THIS IS really crazy situation… I do not sleep for three days…. PLEASE ! PLEASE ! I enclose the two version of EFI help me find out where is the WIFI killer setting. As I told, the same system (10.13.1) has WIFI with one EFI (EFI_WIFI) , but no WIFI with the other (New_EFI) . https://www.dropbox.com/s/7sh8ugdl6reloio/EFI%20_WIFI.zip?dl=0. this is the fully working (but not upgradeable EFI) https://www.dropbox.com/s/fnue78ba0e39nt4/New_EFI.zip?dl=0. (this is the upgradeable, but "WIFI killer" EFI) hardware: HP ProBook 6460b / i7 2760 QM / 8GB RAM / HD3000 / 1366x768 / BCM 943224HMS / WEBcam
  4. I have a fully working HP-6460b with 10.13.1. For safety sake I made a clone drive for the 10.13.3. I could not update to 13.3, because it was always rebooted !!! The EFI is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d34g3a8uxjrb1n2/EFI_13.1.zip?dl=0 the other problem is with this EFI, I could not update the clover, because it caused reboot requences again ! So, I made a new EFI, https://www.dropbox.com/s/viruxewplu2qbck/EFI_13-3.zip?dl=0 which was able to update to 13.3 without rebooting problem. BUT ! In the 13.3 updated system my WIFI (BCM913224 HMS) is not working (hardware not found...) I tried to fix it dring a week but I could not fix it and not found any solution. I think 13.3 may need a new patch for my WIFI card... I am going to crazy, PLEASE help me if there is any solution. I think for the EFI problem there is a sure solution, so please also help me to understand which EFI should be proper for me. Otherwise almost everything is working: audio, sleep, eSata, USB 2 (USB3 not, but I think this model can not use USB3), WEBCAM, card reader (if firewire is not allowed in BIOS) , firewire (if card reader is not allowed in BIOS) .... Not working/not tried : WWAN (Ericson F5521) - I don't know how to install.... My detailed specification: HP-6460b / CPU: i7 2760 QM (2.4 Ghz,4/8 core,6M cache,45W) RAM 8GB, screen: 1366x768, webcam, 256 SSD + 1TB HD (in DVD slot) WIFI: BCM913224 HMS WWAN: Ericson F5521 I think many other may problem with bcm943224hms with 10.13.3 ! I can not change the WIFI card, because of this model whitelist problem !
  5. On 10.12.3. + FCPX 3D title + nVidia web driver : After rendering the title it is disapearing ! On 10.12.3 + FCPX 3 D title + OS driver: it is working ! So, it seems definitely the problem with the version of THIS web driver ! Under El Capitan everything is OK in any combinations. I am waiting to the bug-free, new nVidia WENDRIVER ! config: GA-Z77X - UD5H + i7 3770K + GTX 780 + 16 GB I also tried with FCPX 10.3.1, and 10.3.2 the result is the same ... , so the problem is with the webdriver ! As it is working with OS X driver, it shows me that there is a bug around of open CL capability ...
  6. Hi my friend! Unfortunately the "E6320 zip" file is corrupt. - I tried several time to download but was not possible to open it (expand). Can you send it to me or re-upload to a place where it can be download without error? It is very very important file I think. Please help us with it. Otherhand it is a nice guide. Thank you! That file is needed very much for the post-install... As I see - from your explanation it has a config plist and very important kexts/ other clover adjustments... Until: can I use the settings from the clover guide for yosemitte? That link is working... Hoping your quick reply! Thank you!
  7. szzs

    GA H81M-HD3

    The used Extra and the kexts: https://www.mediafir...hhu1gdsup462wlf
  8. szzs

    GA H81M-HD3

    The basic config: Gigabyte GA H81M-HD3 / Gigabyte GTX650 (1 GB RAM) / i3 4330 / HDD /DVD 1., Make a MyHack install USB 2., disable in BIOS the internal GPU 3., use only USB 2 sockets during the install ! on the first boot add: "GraphicsEnabler=No" (for this VGA card) 4., after setting the OSX, install the MyHack chameleon to the latest chameleon (with chameleon wizard) 5., repair the error/warnings/remark of the original dsdt (mine enclosed, but may alter from yours as BIOS version...) 6., use patches of Audio/LAN/USB 3 (enclosed) Use in extra and in S/L/E minimal kexts just what is required! Should everything work !!! Enjoy!
  9. szzs

    A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    It is a nice tutorial but unfortunately Rapidshare links does not work! (there is just stupid video about rapidshare...) Can you transfer the rapidshare files to mediafire or other site? That couls be very very kind from you!!! (I expecially intered in ati 4870 ...
  10. szzs

    AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    SIGMATEL Stac 9200 - NO MIC My laptop is a Packard Bell Easy Note (Intel T5200/950/SIGMATEL Stac 9200....) I used AppleHDA patch 1.6 and tried ALL the sigmatel 9200 / Stac txt, but I have only audio out! In the system preferences the Internal Built-in Mic is mentioned as "no input control"... So there is no input in the built in mic nether through jack-input... Also there is no WEBcam... May the two thing connected?
  11. HI FRIENDS, I have the same problem / question: Is there anyone who could install ox86 10.4.8 on ABIT AB9PRO. If so, please let us know HOW? I have an other sys (older: ASUS p5B /chipset 865) which goes without problem, but the new 965 ch.set or rather the new SATA DVD solution does not. Has anyone experience to boot from a USB HDD? Or is there any other trick(s)? Fast repply highly appreciated !