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E6540 DSDT patching

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i got a dell latitude e6540 laptop here.

and for the past 2 weeks i've been trying to get mojave to run 100% right.

but i keep getting stuck on waking from sleep results into a black screen.

before i reinstalled the laptop sleep and everything worked properly. 

it has been a while since i installed mac os on this laptop so i forgot what i did to get sleep and the intel hd 4600 working right (noticed if i used my old boot-loader the 4600 and sleep did not work out of the box)

the current dsdt patches i have are from a website wich had a efi folder for this laptop.

after a week of troubleshooting and trying new configs and patches for clover it has been recommended for me to manually fix my own DSDT patches..

i've tried to undergo DSDT patching but that part is the most confusing part for me and perhaps one of the few parts i most likely wont be able to do myself.

if someone were to help me patch DSDT'S for my laptop what would be needed for them?

from what i gathered i do at-least need to get my Native ACPI files

or if anyone else has recommendations to what i could co do fix my problems. it would be appreciated alot too


incase it is needed here is a full specsheet of my laptop

dell latitude e6540 with motherboard revision 2016

intel i7 4800mq

intel hd 4600

amd dgpu wich does not work in mac os.

16gb ddr3l ram


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