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Catalina Sleep issues(IOBluetoothHCIController::FindBluetoothHardware panic/darkscreen on wake) / Dell latitude E6230

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Hi, I'm using a Dell laptop, modeled Latitude E6230, bios version A11(I don't have any batteries to update :'( ).

I'm using Catalina with OpenCore boot loader. 

Everything is good, fast boot time.

But when comes to sleeping there's 2 issues that randomly happen when the sleeping time is long enough:

- Kernel Panic when sleep: panic log: panic

   This should have something to do with bluetooth, right? I'm using DW380 with BrcmPatchRam3 & BrcmBluetoothInjector.

- Darkscreen when wakeup:

   After I open the lid, the screen have no backlight, although the UI barely shown.

   All I could do is to use keyboard to enter my password and use hotkey to shutdown the machine and then restart normally.


The EFI/OC folder is attached below, with serial numbers removed.

Sorry for using .txz format but with .zip, I couldn't get it fit in 10MB. Sorry for any inconvenience.


P/s:If anybody try boot this in the future, please bear in mind that if you inject IO80211Family and AirportBrcm4331 (the one from 10.14.6) to any Recovery or installation media, it will panic the kernel, please disable those 2 before-hand.


Thank you very much



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Well, The thing is the panic happens only in Catalina.

The panic occur at IOBluetoothHCIController::FindBluetoothHardware when the kernel try to looping through a linked list of device but then accidentally found at 0xdeadbeefdeadbeef. Maybe it was a bug from BrcmPatchRAM3?

But the dark screen is there since Mojave or High Sierra(But this issue doesn't occur very often)

but the dark screen issue is similar to 



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