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Hi, I've upgraded from Mojave to Catalina and now my WiFi card didn't recognized in system. I upgraded clover and kexts to latest versions, but Wifi didn't appears.

In "about this Mac" I see:

  • CoreWLAN: 13.0 ((null))

  • CoreWLANKit: 13.0 ((null))

  • Menu Extra: 13.0 ((null))

  • System Information: 12.0 (1355)

  • IO80211 Family: 12.0 (1200.12.2b1

  • Diagnostics: 1.0 (910)

  • AirPort Utility: Not Installed


My kexts is:











I checked forum and table of supported Wifi cards - and everything should work (a lot of people has this card working on Catalina). When I was on Mojave my wifi was ok.

As I can see in terminal output ( after command "kextstat") - kext for wifi not loaded, but I'm not sure because I haven't got a lot of experience of this

*my english isn't good enough, sorry for that*


Any help appreciated and thanks


Снимок экрана 2020-02-02 в 10.48.31.png

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UPD: I have changed DeviceID in Clover FakeID to 0x43ab OR 0x43b1 - for me they both works.

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Problem solved; answer added

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      Hi all!!
      After using my old Dell Clover convert for a few years, I recently built a new Catalina box using OpenCore.  Everything works perfectly and has been very stable.  The only thing that is not working is unlocking with my Apple Watch.  The screen says "Unlocking with Apple Watch" with the spinning graphic and then just prompts for my password.  It does not shake or anything as if the password is incorrect.  My 2014 MBP unlocks without issue and they both use the same iCloud account.  I purchased the Fenvi FV-T919 pci-e adapter and BT, WIFI, Handoff, and Airdrop are all working without issue.  I confirmed in system preferences that unlock is supported and made sure that automatic login is disabled in my profile.  I have cleared keys out of the keystore, restarted a number of times, logged out and back into iCloud all to no avail.  Anyone else having this issue?  Thanks in advance!!
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      Lilu & WhateverGreen
      I am now on OC 0.6.1 my Wifi/BT card details (also known as Dell DW1560)
      Vendor ID : 0x14E4
      Device : 0x43B1
      Sub Vendor : 0x106B
      Sub Device : 0x0019
      Vendor Name : Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries
      Device Name : BCM4352 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter
      Class :  Network controller
      Sub Class : Network controlle
      IOReg Path : IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/RP07@1C,6/IOPP/ARPT@0
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