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Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming Install

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I am going to be building a new system with

Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming MB
i9-9900K Cpu
EVGA GeForce GT710 vga

For now 16 GB Ram

Some sort of SSD

I already have Catalina 10.14.3 installed and working on a Asus X79 sabertooth, with either a 4930k or the E-2697 v2 CPU.

I will be taking the Asus X79 and adapting it to the Gigabyte System.

Aside from any BIOS settings required on the Z390 MB, and some additions and subtractions from the kexts and other clover UEFI patches, my concern is the version of the OsxAptioFixDrv. The Mojave build I have uses AptioMemoryFix-64. I have seen that as working with Mojave with MaLd0n build of High Sierra with the z390 motherboards. Has anyone used this same AptioMemoryFix-64.efi with the Gigabyte Z390 MBs?

I read that the OsxAptioMemoryFix2Drv-free2000.efi can cause damage to the motherboard. This worries me. My x79 build uses Clover v2.4k_4862, and according to the Clover installer AptioMemoryFix-64.efi is the preferred option over the OsxAptioFix3Drv-64 or OsxAptioFixDrv-64. Is this correct?

Any one have any experience with this?

As far as the graphics card, I don't remember what I did, or how I did it, but the GT710 works both from Sierra through Catalina on the Asus X79 sabertooth. I know from experience, the wrong graphics card can cause a world of troubles, and the right one makes life beautiful. If there any reason not to use this card, or known that it won't work, with the Gigabyte motherboard?

Thanks in advance.

Well That's good to know. Now I just have to wait for the stuff to arrive, and the fun/torture begins.

Again, I don't remember what I did to get full resolution, but VGA always worked for me OOB, even when booting from a flash drive to do a clean install. I jumped from 10.9.5 to Sierra, and I remember having to do some investigating and upgrade to the GT710, and then more work to get the full resolution. I think I was only able to get it to work with the WebDriver-387.

But as I read the spec for the 1151 sockets CPUs it says something about VGA being optional. Would the CPU affect the VGA output of the card? 

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