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BCM94322HM8L Catalina newest version

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Hello everyone.


I am a newbie! I just update from Mojave to the newest Catalina Hackintosh. But I cannot connect to Wifi. And I find many solutions to this problem, but it cannot help me.


Anyone who helps me to see my EFI has any error. 


My Wifi: BCM94322HM8L

My info laptop: Dell M4700 i7 3720QM 

My EFI: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fjy6DDZuEWbxiTcYFZCX2msqO5skRCU9/view?usp=sharing


Thank you so much and sorry for English grammar. 

:surprised: Huh?


It means exactly what it says: in /S/L/E, you replace Catalina's IO802Family kext by its previous version/predecessor from Mojave or High Sierra (copies of which are available in the thread by the way). What part of that you have trouble understanding? :huh:

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Please, help me! My Wifi BCM94322HM8L, Hardware - ASUS Prime Z490-P, i7 10700, RX580

Im install Catalina 10.5.7 with OpenCore 0.6.1.  The system is very stable, but wifi doesn't work in any way((

I have already tried everything, but BCM94322 don't work((( I can't use Clover, it doesn't load my hardware ((

If you use Mojave's IO80211Family.kext it gives Kernel Panic.


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Broadcom BCM4322 chipset (14e4:432b) was abandoned in Catalina. This chipset was supported by AirportBrcm4331 kext in previous macOS releases but this kext is no longer provided in Catalina.


I'm surprised you can no longer get it to work with Mojave's (or High Sierra's) IO80211Family kext because I certainly got my DW1510 wireless card to work in Catalina before I disposed of it after replacing it by a better dual-band card. This was with early Catalina versions though... <_<

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in Clover using mojave's IO80211Family.kext works for me. in Opencore, it does not work and Kernel Panic.

as stated by the thread, Catalina 10.15.7, Apple removed AirPortBrcm4331.kext which is a dependency for BCM4322. 




I Got BCM4322 Working with Catalina 10.15.7 in Opencore after running across the repo from this link .  It is a stripped down version of IO80211Family which has only "AirPortBrcm4331.kext" inside the plugins.  The kext is named as "IO80211Mojave.kext"


-Simply place this kext inside OC\Kexts

-Add parameter to config.plist.  Use the simple method via ProperTree|Snapshot and everything automatically added.  Save plist and reboot.


Kext is loaded as per below.

kextstat | grep IO802

   76    1 0xffffff7f841a0000 0x106000   0x106000   com.apple.iokit.IO80211Mojave (1200.12.2) 17903A76-A413-309A-860B-6F10061751D4 <75 36 32 10 8 7 6 5 3 1>



Credit to khronokernel as per link above.

Hope this help anyone using Opencore and BCM4322. 



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