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MSI X299 Motherboards with Hackintosh

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Anyone tried the MSI x299 motherboards, specifically with the MSI MB? speficically this one?


The wiki pages are completely blank.

As general rule I've always used Asus MBs, but they're not making mATX MB lately, and I used MSI for PCs a lot, so know they've been good, and also worked with Hackintosh in the past.


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I think all the MSI X299 boards are working fine... I´ve build a few - Tomahawk, Thomahawk AC, SLI Plus. The linked X299M-A-Pro is only for 2 CPU´s... from the specifications: "This motherboard supports Intel® CoreTM i7-7740X and i5-7640X processors only."


If you want a M-ATX-Board, this one is fine: https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/X299M Extreme4/index.asp#Overview


Attention: none of the refreshed ones (Cascade Lake X with up to 256 GB RAM and 48 PCIe-Lanes with 109xx-CPU´s) are working at the moment, and this concerns all refreshed boards from Asus, GB, Asrock, MSI. 


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What do you mean by refreshed boards?

And have you built any with the regular sized ASRock X299 EXTREME4? (not mATX) Not surprisingly, the mATX boards seem to be difficult to find, and I probably should do my first build on a full sized board.

And here's another element to add to the mix

What is important to me is single thread speed. and it appears that the fastest threads are on the FCLGA1151-2 sockets, not the 2066 and x299 motherboards, according to the passmark benchmarks below. I am hopeless confused as to which socket the latest and fastest. Any thoughts?

The fastest cpus run at just over 3000 for a single thread speed. The i7-9800X I'm looking at has a 2527 single core speed, so it's not bad. But seeing how 9 is higher than 7, all the i9's seem to be on the older sockets.

Also, is it just me, but none of the wiki pages are showing any postings for anything about motherboards, components, etc. Have people just stopped posting there or is it just my browser or something?

either way, thanks for the link to the ASRocks boards. They seem to be a better fit for what I need. Also, the company name also starts with an "A" like Asus, which is also a very important consideration. (haha)


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Well actually, unless I hear otherwise, I'm going to go with the GIGABYTE Z390 M GAMING and their Z390 DESIGNARE. I've seen some people doing builds with them and they were relatively easy. but most important the CPU benchmarks are much better than the 2066 x299 chipset CPUs.

It's all rather confusing, in that the chipset numbers are higher (Z390) but the socket number is lower, but the cpu name is higher i9.

Any other thoughts?

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