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Is it possible to rewrite the serial number starting from 2015 Early Macbook series boards?

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I have a MBA 2015 Early that one day ultimately failed SMBIOS and now was partially functional. The biggest distinction of this device to the normal one is that the serial number is completely gone. Unavailable. Yes I do heard about BBS and that only works for devices exactly before 2015 Early, which I'm outta luck. So I was hoping if anyway can redirect me a method of getting my MBA revived to its full potential, maybe a hack, or tell me what I need to do to fiddle with the EFI internals of the insidiously shut-in Mac devices.

you can use a bootloader like Open Core or clover to add back your serial number using the corrected smbios info. you would also have to use the bless command on the bootloaders EFI file so that it boots to the bootloader instead of apples efi. i had similar issue with an 2015 IMAC. the only down side i have is that i have to re-bless the bootloader after every apple update if not it will boot to apples efi instead loosing my serial number. but once it reboots to the booloader of your choice it gets corrected. all you need populated in the bootloader config file is the smbios info you should not need any extra drivers or kexts as it is a native mac.

here is a link 



i used opencore. you will have to edit the smbios to your model mac


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