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MacbookPro 13" 2013 - keyboard/pad not work - does with Kubuntu

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Forgive me for posing this quandry here, but in my experience people who know how to install Mac OS on a toaster generally know more about macs and their drivers and quirks.

I have a MacbookPro 13" 2013, as in the title. Install Mac OS on it (any version) and the keyboard/pad are not detected or work, it asks for bluetooth detectable keyboard/mouse. Power button is fine. No response from caps-lock - but once installed (using a usb keyboard and mouse) the keys appear to wake the laptop but not work. They don't work on early boot either. Alt select, pram etc.

I've done the smc and pram - no difference. The only slight time I had it working is when I took it apart to check the cables - put it back together and it worked briefly.

Now here's the kicker. I've just installed Kubuntu on it, and everything works fine...... so what's the deal?

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